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Frequently Asked Questions About Lia Scott Price

Lia Scott Price is a horror author, film producer, 
actress, director, cinematographer, and comic book creator.

Q & A / FAQ:


Q. How do I get an autographed photo?
See the Autographed Photos section.


Q. I need help with writing, publishing, getting a foot into the film industry, creating my own comic book, or writing a screenplay. Can I email you for advice?
A. Please read the following:

Writing and Publishing Help Disclaimers
I do give advice on writing and self-publishing, and I publish those methods here on my blog, or if I am invited to speak at a panel, a class or seminar, in interviews, or if you meet me at a convention and I have a Q & A going. I am open to being part of panels on comic books, writing and self-publishing, giving media interviews, or answering questions at conventions. :)

I’d rather be honest with my fans than make the think that I am blowing them off by seemingly not wanting to give advice on a one-on-one basis. At the same time, due to so many requests, I would end up having to charge for giving advice, and that’s not why I want to end up doing because I do want to help in some way. But there has to be a balance and a middle ground. Hence, I added some sections on free writing and self-publishing advice on this blog.

Otherwise, in general, please note the following:

I get a lot of individual requests from people who send me messages if I can read/review/edit their manuscript/story/book etc. or publish their books for them. I have made it my general policy to not do so only because it is a full time job and takes away from my own work which is a full-time job in itself.

Although I do encourage readers to read my blog writing advice, I don't have the luxury of giving writing advice one on one or publishing other people’s works full time. It’s not what I do and I need to concentrate on my own works. Otherwise, I’d be working on other people’s projects that are not my own and that is not what I want to do.

My production company also does not accept screenplays for producing, and I don't review screenplays. That's the full-time job of a script reader, which I'm not. I don’t produce other people’s movies, unfortunately.  There are other companies that do and you should seek them out.

If you do email me with questions, I will direct you to my blog for tips and Q & A that I have already posted. If I get enough questions about something I haven't addressed yet, I will make a blog entry on it.

So all I can provide is general tips and advice that you can find on my blog. As far as editing and review of our work, you will need to find or hire an editor. (Some of my own  books have been independently edited/reviewed, and even though I am a DIY author, I do make it a point to hire an editor, or I take the time to do it myself.)

So please respect my time as a creator as well. I will find way to share my advice such as the entries in this blog, and please understand that I have to draw the line somewhere.  It would be difficult to answer 10 plus requests a day. I've found that I give the same answers to questions anyway, so those answers are reflected in my posts, so please see my articles in the Writing Methods and Self-Publishing Methods sections.

Please read my writing and self-publishing disclaimer here

Depending on your project needs, I suggest that you also contact professionals (editors, screenwriters, publicists, acting coaches etc.) who do this for a living, or look for resources on the Internet and there are published books as well on a variety of industry topics.


Q. What do you write about?
A. My characters are called Serial Killer and Vampire Guardian Angels™ , and are Guardian Angels who kill people who pray specifically to them. They are from my vampire trilogy novel, “The Guardian, Revenant, and Dominion.“ This is the book I turn into films and comic books. You can also read this Guide to Vampire Guardian Angels.

Q. Who is the writer for your Vampire Guardian Angels™ Comic Book Series?
A. I am the writer/creator. The stories in the series are based on my Vampire Trilogy Novel: The Guardian, Revenant, and Dominion.

Q. Who draws the artwork for your Vampire Guardian Angels™ Comic Book Series?
A. The former  illustrator/artist is Andrew Setter (Issues 1-5) and the Colorist/Letterer/Graphic Designer is Chad Hammontree.

Q. Can I do a cameo as a character in your comic book series?
A. Unfortunately, I cannot accommodate requests. I do have a few select people who have already been pre-selected and agreed upon who I add in to play characters as a promotional element.

I do include cameos from local death metal and metal bands as a way of promoting their name and logo. However, this also depends on the storyline, pre-selection, and planned promotion.

Q. Can I contribute an idea to your comic book or suggest a character?
A. No. My material is copyrighted, and it is my sole creation. I do not accept contributions to my work.

Q. Where can I buy your comic books?
A. See the Buy Comic Books Section.

Q. How do I get a signed copy of your comic books?
A. See the Buy Comic Books Section.

Q. What kind of vampires do you write about?
A. The brutal, bloody, vicious, non-romantic kind.

Q. How long does it take you to publish an issue?
A. Anywhere from 6 months to a year depending on my writing of the storyline, and my artists' drawing and inking schedules.

Q. Can I get your Comic Books in local bookstores?
A. I will announce at which stores they are available in. My comic books are also available online and on amazon.

Q. Can I get your comic books outside of the United States?
A. Yes, they are available on amazon UK.

Q. Are you looking for a Literary Agent or Manager?
A. I welcome any inquiries from Industry Professionals.


Q. Will fans get to meet you at comic book conventions?
A. Yes. These will be announced.


Q. Do you do any booksignings?
A. Yes. I sign books at my booth at comic book conventions (to be announced)


Q. Are the rights available for your comic book series for option for films?
A. I welcome inquiries from Literary Agents, Managers and production companies. I prefer to possibly license my work.

Q. How do you produce your films?
A. I run my own film production company and all my films are based on my vampire trilogy novel which I turn into features and film shorts. I produce, write my own scripts, direct, operate the camera, act in, and edit my films, and I hire the necessary actors, crew, and other services for my film projects. I format and distribute my DVDs and downloadable films mainly through

Q. Does your own production company accept scripts?
A. No, please do not send me scripts. I am not a production company that produces other people's films. It takes too much time away from my own work. All unsolicited scripts will be discarded immediately.

Q. Can you produce my video/film/book/ideas?
A. No. I am not a production company that produces other people's works.

Q. I am an actor and I would like to submit my headshot to you
A. Submit a professional headshot and resume to DO NOT post your headshot or resume on my facebook wall. It will be deleted.

Q. I am a composer/cinematographer/Production Assistant/Other Industry Professional and I would like to submit  my work/resume to you.
A. Submit a professional resume to DO NOT post your portfolio or or any unsolicited info on my facebook wall. It will be deleted.

Q. So you created films and a comic book series from one novel? Which novel?
A. This is my novel. I saw the potential of making films and comic books from the novel.

Q. Do you really do cameos in your books and films?
A. Yes. I appear as a character in Book 3 of my Trilogy Novel, and in Book 3 of my comic book series. I also act in my films.

Q. What made you decide to produce and act in your films?
A. I wanted to use the films as a promotional tool, to feature and promote my characters.

Q. Why are the Guardian Angel's wings in your films upside-down?
A. I do things like that in my film on purpose as my own little trademark, because to me it is a symbol of how I turned the image of Guardian Angels upside-down.

Q. There's a statue of an angel that appears in almost all your films. Do you do that on purpose too?
A. Yes, that's another one of the things that I put into my films as well, kind of like tying them all together, to remind viewers that in my films, anyone who prays to a Guardian Angel statue becomes, well, a victim.

Q, Did you go to film school?
A, No. I learned how to film and edit by volunteering with a local Cable TV station.

Q. Where did you learn to write scripts?
A. I learned by writing scenes for an acting class. This is also how I learned to write dialogue for my novels and I tested the dialogue out with the actors.

Q. Did you take acting classes?
A. Yes. I have taken acting classes in Los Angeles.

 Q. Where can I find your films?
A. Here's my official films page.

Q. Do you have a youtube page?
A. Yes. Here's the link.

Q. Are you on IMDB?
A. Yes. Here's my IMDB page.

Q. Where do you find actors for your films?
A. I hire experienced actor friends, and I also use a service called


Q. What is Lia Scott Price Productions?
A. Lia Scott Price Productions Inc. produces and publishes any and all films, novels and comic books by horror author Lia Scott Price. The company does NOT accept submissions or produce or publish scripts, manuscripts, or projects from individuals or outside companies. 

Q. What exactly do you do?
A. I am a horror author, comic book writer and creator, and film producer and the creator of Vampire Guardian Angels.

Q. Do you accept submissions?
A. No. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY SUBMISSIONS. DO NOT SEND ME EMAILS OR FB MESSAGES WITH YOUR IDEAS. They will be discarded immediately. Any UNSOLICITED MATERIAL mailed to my company address will not be returned or opened. It will be discarded. I am not responsible for any originals submitted and I will not read or accept any submissions or proposals. I have the right to discard what I receive if it is unsolicited.
If you meet me in person, DO NOT pitch anything to me or hand me any scripts or manuscripts for review. I'm sorry but I won't accept them.
Please understand that I am NOT a production or publishing company that produces or publishes work for others. To do so would take time and resources away from my own projects. Please find another company that does so, or DIY.

Please read my writing and self-publishing disclaimer here

Q. What is your official Web Site?

Q. I would like to use your comic book art for my video/other creative project/anthology etc.
A. No. You may NOT use any of the comic book artwork without specific written permission, signed legal contracts, and signed licensing agreements from owner/copyright holder/publisher Lia Scott Price. I do not allow my works to be used in other people's projects. In addition, any character likeness published without permission is a violation of copyright.

Q. I see you are a film producer and an author. I have ideas and I want to co-produce or develop films or co-publish a book. Can we work together?
A. No. I do not accept partnerships, co-producing, or co-publishing, or any other collaboration on other projects that are not my own.  I will only work on my own projects, for instance, if a film company options my work.

Q. I'm a Reviewer/Blogger. Can I get a free copy of your comic book for review?
A. Generally, no. I do not send out free copies unless I  personally know and have already worked with the individual and have verified their affiliation with the blog/web site, or if you are reviewing for a major media outlet or known blog, in which case I will also contact the blog/web site to make sure/verify that you really do write for them.
If the blog or web site states that they accept reviews for submission, I will make the decisions whether to submit a comic book for review.
Please do not ask me for free copies at any shows or conventions. I have a certain amount budgeted for sales and I cannot give out free copies to every reviewer who asks. I will first review your web site and decide if it is appropriate to warrant my sending a comic book for review. I will decide whether or not to contact you.
As much as I do appreciate reviews, please understand that this is also because I have had people claiming to be reviewers for certain sites contact me constantly for free books. When I do contact the site, they have never heard of them. I would like to review the site and verify all the info first before I send out any review copies. Please do not be unprofessional and badmouth me if I don't give you free stuff. Please do not falsely state or misrepresent your affiliation with any publisher, blog, or web site.

Q. Have your books been turned into films?
A. Yes. Please see my web site at

Q. What are your writing and creative influences?
A. Read more here.

Q. What inspired your Characters?
A. Read about it here.

Q. Who are your Characters? What are their names?
A. Here's a detailed character list.

Q. What are your characters about? What are they like?
A. Full character descriptions here.

Q. How did you get started in Self-Publishing and Film Production?
A.  My method is DIY (Do it Yourself). To sum it up in the simplest terms, self-publishing and film producing is a mix of both business and creativity. You will have to run yourself as a business.You have to think like a business, while balancing your creative side. You essentially become your own publisher or production studio. Your project or creation is your "product". You have to design and create your own project/product, write your own press releases, find and hire the right people or service to help you  (which I do, btw. If I can't do it myself or I don't know how, I personally hire or consult with experts.), book your own events, do your own promotion,  market your own project, create merchandise, and run your business professionally to market your "product". It takes thought, time, effort, patience, research, worry, and energy

Q. What inspired your work? What was your writing process like?
A. It's more of a “what if” scenario and game I play when I'm writing. I was in a church one time listening to a sermon about how we had our own guardian angels to protect us, and I started asking “what if” questions: What if they hated us and harmed us instead? What if they were sick of hearing our prayers? That's what inspired me. In the first novel in my trilogy series, I started off by making them serial killers. And by the second novel, it was “What if they were vampires?” I’m also questioning why we rely so much on a supernatural, unseen, pop-culture entity to save us, when we don’t really know what a Guardian Angel really is, and as a result I wanted my portrayal to be disturbing.  I do a lot of research on what Guardian Angels are, and then turn them into something they're not.

Q. What is your goal or message in your works?
A. My goal was to show an alternate view of what a guardian angel really thinks or feels about us humans and about their assigned "job". It would be kind  of like Heaven’s customer service gone wrong. I wanted a scenario where Guardian Angels rebelled against having to answer millions of non-stop prayers a day and saving humans and eventually going psycho and homicidal in very bloody ways. I also wanted to bring back a more vicious, brutal,  sociopathic vampire, the way I like them, but with a twist: You would never expect your Guardian Angel to be a psychotic vampire. It’s my fresh take on the vampire image and something entirely new and original.

Q, Why did you choose Horror?
A. Horror is a genre where you can stretch the imagination and create a what-if scenario, new concepts, and turn ordinary, everyday things and situations into something really f'd up. And just because I'm a woman and an author, people expect me to write romance novels, and I don't want to be limited by that. Women can write horror too. I want to write what I like and not write about what people want or expect of me. And if you're disturbed by what I write, please remember that this is fiction. If you don't like what I write about or are offended by it, don't read or watch it.

Q. How do you promote and market your work?
A.I am a self-promoter and use social media such as facebook and twitter for announcements and releases. I write my own press releases and I network with professional bloggers and online media to get the word out about my work. You can also read the Marketing and Public Relations section in this blog.


Q. Do you give Interviews?
A. Yes, but it must be from a professional, reputable media source, but I also welcome individual bloggers from the horror and comic book genres. Established horror and comic book blogs, magazines, mainstream media and radio shows are welcome to contact me at or through a PM on FB. Please note that I will verify your affiliation with the media/blog/web site you are claiming to represent.

Q. I've been approved for an interview with you and I need a photo of you for my article. Where can I find more photos of you?
 A. Here's my official photo page

Q. Can you be a guest speaker on a panel, event, or convention and what topics can you talk about?
A. Yes, I am available to speak. My topics include self-publishing (novels and comic books) and writing tips (horror, comic books, and other genre). You can contact me at or through Facebook.


Q. Where do you live?
A. I live in Torrance, CA (Southbay/Los Angeles County).

Q. What is your personal background?
A. I'm a German-American author. My ancestry is from Philadelphia, PA.

Note: I do not answer personal questions about family because I was physically, emotionally, and psychologically abused as a child by a family my German relations married in to and I suffer from PTSD because of those traumatic memories. I allow no contact with such family and have completely disassociated with them.

Q. Are you really an Atheist? (And a "Recovering Catholic?")
A. Yes. Read about it here.

Q.What is your favorite Music?
A.Metal and Death Metal (including Thrash, Technical/Melodic/Experimental etc.). I also listen to local metal bands like Mesmeric and Heretic and to death metal music when I'm writing, mainly local Los Angeles bands like Enthraller and Isolation in Infamy and music from bands from local metal shows, and bands like Suffocation, Meshuggah, Children of Bodom, Dying Fetus, Carcass, Decapitated, Vader, Abysmal Dawn, and many more.
I also listen to NIN, QOTSA, Tool, High on Fire, and Mastodon.

Q.What is your favorite food?
A.Hungarian Smoked Bacon, Dark Chocolate, and pretty much anything


Q. Where can I find press on you? (Articles, interviews, reviews)
A. See my press page.


Q. How do you publish your books?
A. I’m a self-publisher and I have my own publishing company. I use online print-on-demand companies such as to publish, print, and fulfill orders for my books. The process is do-it-yourself. I oversee everything from concept to publishing and I hire professionals to do any artwork, covers, and graphic design. I find the services that will help me create and distribute my books. Everything is produced digitally. I distribute my novel and comic books mainly through

Q. Does your publishing company accept book proposals?
A. No, please do not send me any inquiries or proposals about publishing your book. I am not a publishing company that publishes other people's books. I do not read or review manuscripts. It takes too much time away from my own work. All unsolicited manuscripts/proposals will be discarded immediately.


Q. Do you have a Facebook page?
A. Yes. This is the link.

Q. Are you on Twitter?
A. Yes. Here is the link

Additional Information regarding my Social Media Sites:

I also have rules of conduct regarding my own social media sites. Please take note of the following:
-I will not tolerate and unlawful or uncivilized behavior.
-I will block anyone who hits on me blatantly.
-You may not post any advertising or promotional material on my FB wall without my approval or consent. My social media is for my own promotions and projects. I chose who I want to promote, not you.
-You may not post material or send me messages which are knowingly false, racist, defamatory, vulgar, misleading, sexually explicit, hateful, obscene or profane. You will be blocked and reported immediately.
-I will report anything sent to me that is abusive, harassing,  threatening, invasive of my privacy, or in violation of the law.

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