Saturday, July 8, 2017

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Vampire Guardian Angels Comics Digital Subscription on Patreon

My Vampire Guardian Angels comic book series is going fully digital! My new Patreon page will publish the ongoing, exclusive, “subscriber”-only digital comic book version of Vampire Guardian Angels starting with Issue 7: “Apocalypse”,  and all future issues.

It used to take a year for me to publish previous printed and downloadable PDFs of Vampire Guardian Angels Issues 1-6 at 24-26 pages each issue (with commissioned artists). Now,  I will be drawing, inking and coloring my comic books for the first time!  (I will still be commissioning cover art, and Issue 7 will have cover art by Andrew Huerta) In addition, the benefit to going digital is that Issue 7 and future issues will now be bonus 50 pages or more of ongoing stories and art, with no need to have to wait for the printed versions. I will be publishing comic book pages as I complete them.

Vampire Guardian Angels Comics Digital Subscription on Patreon

I appreciate any support and I hope you enjoy the art and stories!

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