Saturday, December 31, 2016

Vampire Guardian Angels Comics Digital Subscription on Patreon

My Vampire Guardian Angels comic book series is going fully digital! My new Patreon page will publish the ongoing, exclusive, “subscriber”-only digital comic book version of Vampire Guardian Angels starting with Issue 7: “Apocalypse”,  and all future issues.

It used to take a year for me to publish previous printed and downloadable PDFs of Vampire Guardian Angels Issues 1-6 at 24-26 pages each issue (with commissioned artists). Now,  I will be drawing, inking and coloring my comic books for the first time!  (I will still be commissioning cover art, and Issue 7 will have cover art by Andrew Huerta) In addition, the benefit to going digital is that Issue 7 and future issues will now be bonus 50 pages or more of ongoing stories and art, with no need to have to wait for the printed versions. I will be publishing comic book pages as I complete them.

Vampire Guardian Angels Comics Digital Subscription on Patreon

I appreciate any support and I hope you enjoy the art and stories!

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Friday, December 23, 2016

Vampire Guardian Angels Main Character List

Q and A with Lia Scott Price

Q. How do I get an autographed photo?
A. Click here

Q. How did you come up with the idea for Vampire Guardian Angels?
A. I was in a church listening to a priest's sermon about how Guardian Angels protect us  and help us if we pray for help to them, and the hair on the back of my neck stood straight up when I thought: What if they didn't? What if they killed us instead?

Q. How do you write your stories?
A. I play a 'what if' game. 'What if' Guardian Angels were evil? What if I turned them into Vampires? What if they were sick of our prayers and wanted to shut us up instead?' And that's how I came up with the stories.

Q. Are you an artist for your comic books?
A. Yes, I am the artist for Issue 6 and 7 and future issues. It is also my first time as a comic book artist and Issue 6 is my first attempt at drawing my own series.

Q. Did you take lessons?
A. Yes. My drawing instructor is Artist Andrew Huerta, and my Inking Instructor was Jim Higgins (formerly with Meltdown Comics University).

Q. What Issues to you appear in?
A. I appear as an “author” character in issues 3, 5 and 6, and as “Queen of the Vampire Guardian Angels” in issue 7. My character is also drawn on the cover of issues 3 and 7. (See the comic book series)

Q. Is there romance in your comic book?
A. Love interests are used only as a background to the story.  This is NOT a romantic vampire story where the characters live happily ever after.

Q. Is the Comic Book Series appropriate for children?
A. No. It is over 18 only. In addition, Issue 7 and future issues are NSFW.

Q. Are there good characters and bad characters?
A. It’s not set in stone. A character could start out good but certain circumstances could cause them to become evil. It’s never clear-cut. You don’t know when a character will turn good or bad.  I make the characters conflicted. They transform from good to bad at any point, but then guilt can set in and they can go back to good, but then they want to be bad again. It all depends on circumstances.

Q. Why did you choose to write about Vampires?
A. It’s my favorite monster. I wanted to write about vampires. I’ve always seen vampires as vicious, terrifying bloodthirsty monsters to be feared, and creating a brand new breed of badass vampire was exciting. It was one of the ultimate monsters,  creating a really disturbing monster was even better. Vampires are perfect for that. And of course, I wanted my comic books to be a homage to the classic evil bloody B-movie vampire.

Q. How do you come up with the stories for your sequels to the comic books?
A.  Mainly from my own dreams and nightmares. The ideas and inspiration will just hit when I least expect it, though. It requires some sort of inspiration, but I never know when it will come. I’ve written an entire comic book in one sitting from just one thing that inspired me.

Q. How long does it take you to publish an issue?
A. Anywhere from 6 months to a year depending on my writing of the storyline, and drawing and inking schedules.

Q. Can I get your Comic Books in local bookstores?
A. At this time, my comic books are only available online. You can also check this link if any comic book stores carry the issues.

Q. Can I get your comic books outside of the United States?
A. Yes, they are available on amazon UK, amazon Germany, and as PDF downloads. Links to buy here.

Q. Will fans get to meet you at comic book conventions?
A. Yes. These will be announced.

Q. Do you do any booksignings?
A. Yes. I sign books at my booth at comic book conventions (to be announced)

Q. Are the rights available for your comic book series for option for films?
A. Email me for inquiries at

Q. How did you come up with your characters?
A. I challenged the popular belief that Guardian Angels are good protectors: What if they aren't good? Why not turn them into something evil, like a Serial Killer, and a Vampire? What personalities would they have? Motives? Past and present lives? I could be inspired at any time by anyone or anything.

Q. Can I contribute an idea to your comic book or suggest a character?
A. No. My material is copyrighted, and it is my sole creation. I do not accept contributions to my work.

Q. How did you get started in Self-Publishing?
A.  My method is DIY (Do it Yourself). It's a mix of business and creativity. I run  myself as a business while balancing my creative side. I became my own publisher, with my book as my "product". I wear many hats: I have to design and create my product, write my press releases, find and hire the right people or service to help me  (which I do, btw. If I can't do it myself or I don't know how, I personally hire or consult with experts.), book my own events, do my own promotion,  market my books, create merchandise (such as stickers) , and handle sales. It takes thought, time, effort, patience, research, worry, and energy. Read more here.

Q. What is your Writing Process like?
A. Read here.

Q. Do you give any Writing and Self-Publishing Advice?
A. You can read tips on this blog
Self-Publishing Tips here.
Writing Tips here.

Q. Do you accept manuscripts for review and publication.
A. No.

Q. Can I collaborate with you on a comic book?
A. Unfortunately, no. It takes too much time away from my own projects.

Q. Do you hire artists and Illustrators?
A. Email me a link to your portfolio for review and consideration to I am open to hiring artists for comic book covers. DO NOT post your link or info on my facebook wall.