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Vampire Guardian Angels: Rule of Blood (Issue 5) Sneak Peek Pages

Lia Scott Price's
Vampire Guardian AngelsTM
Rule of Blood (Issue 5)

About The Comic Book Series:

Lia Scott Price’s Vampire Guardian Angels is a creator-owned comic book series written and created by Horror Author Lia Scott Price. In the series, Guardian Angels from Heaven have become Vampires who kill people who pray for help to them, and both humans and “good” angels have to work to stop them.

What are Vampire Guardian Angels?

When you pray to guardian angels, do you know what they are? What if they were a vicious new breed and hybrid of serial killer, angel and vampire who target those who pray for help to them? Because they are tired of protecting us and want to put us out of our misery, by eating, and enslaving us. Don’t pray to them.

Plot Synopsis

In the fifth issue, Rule of Blood, a mysterious virus is killing Vampire Guardian Angels and Janos, their new Ruler, must find a cure. He sets up a "breeding program"  to repopulate his breed and provide virus-free humans for food. After the death of Leah and his unborn son,  Janos chooses Prince Jeromos Dracon, as his new heir, enraging Joseph, who also wants leadership. Jeromos kidnaps the author, Ms. Price, and plans to raise an army against Janos.  A resurrected Cameron makes one last attempt to save Joseph's life once again, and Joseph begins his quest to take over the leadership of the Vampire Guardian Angels.

The Story

Vampire Guardian Angels: Rule of Blood (Issue 5)

9 months have passed. On earth, there is a mysterious virus. Male humans lie  bleeding in hospitals from a combination of a  deadly form of necrotizing flesh eating bacteria that also causes the victim to bleed uncontrollably, attracting earth vampires. They feed on the dying victim, but end up dying themselves. The earth vampires dissolve into pools of blood.

Meanwhile, word of this virus spreads up in Heaven, where  Jeromos tries to inform Janos of the plague on Earth. But Janos is furious.  Leah  killed herself and their unborn child. Jeromos asks Janos what they should do about the plague, and Janos decides to make Jeromos his new heir, because he is a Royal. Janos also explains the secret of how the portal works, that any Angel can open the portal but it requires the death of Angels to provide the safe passage through the astral plane of good and evil through a tunnel of celestial light,  and that being the "chosen one" and that only Royals could rule was a political myth and ploy used to become leader of the Vampire Guardian Angels. Janos also reveals how he got into Heaven: After he escaped from the psychiatric ward, he hid in a New York Cathedral. There, he had found the three Vampire Guardian Angels, Zeke, Anthony, and Jude, who Cameron had prevented from ascending, dying, after they wandered around  aimlessly, hiding in churches. Because he still had some traces of good in him, Janos killed the three angels, and ascended into Heaven using the portal of light. That had been his plan all along, sent to him in visions: to sacrifice the three Vampire Guardian Angels so he could rule in Heaven and fulfill the prophecy.

Gregory, still on Earth after being wounded by Detectives Graham and Costa, hears of the news of Leah's death from angel statues in a church and, enraged, vows revenge for Leah's death. He blames Janos. He also hears that, left without an heir, Janos chose Jeromos as his alternate heir, because he was a Royal. Gregory decides he wants to unseat Janos and take over leadership, since he still considers Janos a weak ruler,  and he has to find a way back to Heaven since Cameron destroyed the portal. The angel statues tell him that Cameron's adopted son, Joseph, is still on Earth. Gregory then decides Joseph is his key to returning to heaven. He plans to kill Joseph and use his ascending spirit to get back into heaven, just like the earth vampire did with Gabriel.

Still on Earth, Joseph also hears the news of Janos's choice of heir from angel statues while visiting his mother's grave, and is overcome  with anger. He feels he should take over and should have been mentored by Janos because he feels he is more powerful because of his power of light, but knows he is too young and inexperienced. The angel statues tell him that he is known as the "Angel Killer", but that he must also control his temper and desires for revenge if he wants to rule.

Gregory finds the angry and vengeful Joseph in the cemetery and convinces him to unseat Janos from power. Joseph tells Gregory that he also wants to destroy Cameron for killing his mother and for turning him into a vampire, but he also wants the power that Janos has.

However, while they conspire on Earth, Gregory sees a young Earth Vampire wandering through the cemetery. The human appears weak and frothing bloody saliva at the mouth. begging for help and crying out that he is sick and for his someone to save him. Gregory, seeing opportunity for a meal, kills the young man and  feeds off  him, since Vampire Guardian Angels can feed off other Vampires too. Joseph just watches. But Gregory suddenly drops the man and starts dissolving. After Gregory dies, turning into a pool of blood, Joseph spreads his wings and follows the ball of light up back to heaven. He did what Gabriel did, hitching a ride to heaven like the earth vampire did.

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