Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Metal Bands in Comic Book Series

Why are there Metal Bands and Promotion Companies etc in the comic book series? 'Cause why not? \m/.

Lia Scott Price needed some bands in certain scenes and characters in the background as vampires, so she started featuring her friends' bands, images and logos, also as a great way to help promote them (for promotional purposes) and most of all, as a thank you for all their support! And of course, she is a metal and death metal fan.

Bands featured in the comic book series:

Enthraller (US) (Death Metal)
Death Embraced (US) (Progressive/Experimental)
Mesmeric (US) (Progressive/Experimental)
Sacred Ruins (US) (Melodic Death Metal)
Metal Warzone Metal News/Media/Video/Photo Web Site 
Metal Invictus Promotion/Booking/Band Services Company

Be sure to check them all out! \m/

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