Friday, May 9, 2014

About Lia Scott Price and Her Vampire Guardian Angels

My name is Lia Scott Price. I'm a horror author and  comic book creator/writer.

I'm the creator of Vampire Guardian Angels™. They are my unique characters from my vampire comic book series, also called "Vampire Guardian Angels™ ".

In my comic book series, Guardian Angels are a new breed of brutal, bloody, disturbing, vicious and seemingly invincible Vampire.

What makes them different and unique are two things: They are serial killers who can only target those who summon them through prayers of despair, and they cannot respond to "happy or thankful" prayers. You have to specifically summon or call to them for help, and you have to be in dire need. That's what attracts them, and that's how they find their food---basically, humans.

The second is that they are basically invincible.  They cannot be killed by traditional means such as sunlight, holy water or crucifixes because they are already "holy" in origin. The only thing that kills them...well, you have to read the comic book series.

So do you really know who you're praying to? Because we really don't know  what a guardian angel really is. I'm exploring an alternate side to them. My works are meant to question people's belief in a supernatural, supposedly higher power and why we rely so much on some unseen being to save us. What if it really was evil, like an evil vampire. Horror is about stretching the imagination, and this is what I do in my comic books.

In my comic book series, even the Guardian Angels question their image as protectors of mankind, and rebel against their "job". They have become evil vampires  so they don't have to deal with human whining and begging and so they can stop being therapists. As an added bonus, they can feed on humans.

As a horror writer, it’s my job to screw things up a bit, such as making the image of a guardian angel more disturbing.  My goal is also to bring back the more bloodthirsty, violent, and gory Vampire, the classic evil, scary vampire. I want people to be afraid of vampires again. And I hope I've done that.

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