Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Comic Book's Genre Influences

Lia Scott Price’s Vampire Guardian AngelsTM Trilogy Novel and 
Comic Book Series Genre Influences 
(Excerpts from Lia Scott Price Full Biography)
Lia Scott Price's writing is a mix of gothic horror, supernatural/vampire, bloody brutal slasher and action-suspense thriller. This results in a trilogy novel and a comic book series (based on the novel) that is gory, disturbing, and explicit.

Price begins her stories with the traditional action-thriller format, but adds "gothic-type" settings with some old churches, cemeteries, and turning urban scenarios into rainy, gloomy environments.

She goes on to includes a more horror-type, dark setting and a theme of angels rebelling from the extremes and fanatical beliefs of Catholicism and against their own traditional protector roles.. Their main purpose is to  destroy humans, because they are "God's so-called favorites". In Book 2, Price turns these pop-culture sacred icons into lustful, seductive, psychopathic, sociopathic, angry, jealous, traumatized, and resentful Vampires who pillage and murder, engage in forbidden liaisons with humans and lonely, abandoned, suffering doomed heroines, and who crave power.

There is an influence of slasher and action-thriller, martial arts and even anime in terms of the character design, as well as an anti-fanatical religious establishment element. Price's characters continue to harbor extreme hatred towards overly-fanatical religious humans and clergy. They are sick of being bound by what they believe is a guilt-ridden, fear, self-sacrifice and punishment-based religion. They hate their roles of being forced to serve a race of weak, begging, whining, institutionalized, "easily-brainwashed and force-fed by religion" humans who rely too much on the supernatural to save them, and angered by the fact that they are still bound by some rules of Heaven such as having to answer prayers because of the nature of what they are, Guardian Angels, and in some instances, still torn between their role as good protector and their transformation into evil, powerful vampires with more free will.

As an added element of mystery bonus, the endings, and sequels, have unexpected twists.

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