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Lia Scott Price makes Vampires Scary Again

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Lia Scott Price

Comic Book Author Lia Scott Price makes Vampires Scary Again

October 2014, Torrance CA. Torrance-based writer Lia Scott Price’s goal is to make vampires creepy and scary again. Especially for the coming Halloween season.

Out of nostalgia for when vampires were frightening and fearsome, Price created a comic book series, “Vampire Guardian Angels” featuring a classic vampire appealing to aficionados who associate the image of vampires with horror, not love stories filled with teen angst ridden drama (and who don’t sparkle).

“Nowadays people think vampires are wimpy, sullen characters.” says Price. “I wanted to bring back an interest in the bloodthirsty vampire that brought fear to the genre, and to introduce a vampire that you can be afraid of again.”

As a new comic book creator and writer in vampire genre, Price had to stand out, so she took the vampire genre one step further with new and unique characters, a refreshingly original storyline, and a disturbing twist.  Her  Vampire Guardian Angels are a “new breed”, a brutal hybrid of an everyday guardian angel and a serial-killing vampire who can only target and feed off people who pray to guardian angels for help, “because you never know what it is you’re summoning. It could be a vampire.” says Price.

The vampire action thriller comic book series will be exhibited in Artist Alley at Stan Lee’s Comikaze 2014 at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Halloween, October 31st through November 2, 2014.

Vampire Guardian Angels is written and published by Lia Scott Price, and features art by artists Andrew Setter and Chad Hammontree.

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