Saturday, October 10, 2015

Anatomy of a Serial Killer Vampire Guardian Angel

One of the main characters from my Vampire Guardian Angels comic book series, Gabriel, was the son of a poor farmer in the middle ages. His life was very unstable from the beginning, with the family losing their farm to famines. Disease and plagues decimated his once large extended family and forced his parents, his only surviving family members, to wander from farm to farm with their young son seeking work. In despair and hopelessness, his father turned to drinking and abandoned him and his mother. Gabriel was left with his domineering and very depressed and desperate mother, who forced her son into as much labor as he could handle, and beat him if he didn’t work often enough or fast enough. Gabriel was often depressed and even suicidal. He tried to jump off a high cliff once but stopped when he saw a group of knights practicing their sword-fighting in a meadow nearby. He decided that if he ever survived to adulthood, he would become a knight. It was wishful thinking.

Eventually his mother abandoned him too, by selling him to the Church. The once homeless Gabriel was housed in a monastery, where he was trained for fighting in a child army during the crusades. He was 10 years old. But he was extremely intelligent, and during that time he was quite good at sword play, thinking he would be wielding a real sword and fulfilling his dream of becoming a knight. Even as a child, he had an uncontrollable anger, and lashed out at other children, and was too violent at practice. He never got along with anyone, and was constantly isolated. Everyone, even the adults, feared him. He was also masochistic, feeling delight in torturing the other boys at the monastery, venting his rage at them whenever the anger, loneliness, and other dark feelings hit. So the Church leaders decided to put him in the front lines. Gabriel felt proud at that moment, thinking they were making him a knight. But instead, he was given….a wooden one. Feeling betrayed, he dropped the sword to the ground as the opposing army came towards him. He died instantly, killed by an adult soldier as he cried out, first to his parents to come and protect him, and then to Heaven to send his guardian angel to save him.

The now-adult  and reincarnated and traumatized Gabriel the Guardian Angel often has vivid flashbacks of this moment, always after he hears prayers of the despairing that he has to answer, and his rage takes over, consisting of a deep hatred for those who abandoned him and to Heaven for not saving him. Instead of becoming a knight like he dreamed when he was a child, he became a guardian angel, but he saw himself as a slave, forced to save humans when he himself was not saved, and he had flashbacks of his mother, who treated him like a slave. And this anger led him to become a serial killer. He often fantasized about having full control of humans and being able to destroy them to get back at them for the trauma they caused him. And soon he planned how to get rid of the humans he was supposed to protect when he first became a guardian angel, making his murders look like accidents and suicides, since he was still bound by Heaven’s rules and was trying not to be caught by God’s watchful eye. Since at first he was forbidden to touch humans to harm them, he used hypnosis and mind control to make humans harm themselves.

All that changed when he became a vampire. He was free of Heaven’s rules and bonds and was free to destroy humans at will. He wanted to do everything a guardian angel was forbidden to do such as rape and murder. He hunted down his victims throughout their prayers of despair and calls of help to a guardian angel. His goal was to shut them up so he would not have to listen to them anymore. He hated humans—he no longer wanted to serve them and had a deep fear that he would be forced to go back to saving them unless he got rid of them. So he tracked down his victims after homing in on their prayers, and feeding off of humans as well.

And he’s still out there…waiting for you to summon him. And he’s not the only one. Guardian Angels have now turned into serial killers and vampires. They don’t want to help or save humans anymore. They want to control, get rid of, and eat them instead. Meet the new serial killer. Be careful who you pray to.

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