Saturday, March 26, 2016

Lia Scott Price Releases Cover of Issue 6 of her Vampire Guardian Angels Comic Book Series

Cover Art by Andrew Huerta
Color by Chad Hammontree

Horror author Lia Scott Price gives a sneak peek at the completed cover of Issue 6 of her Vampire Guardian Angels comic book series. The new issue, entitled "Immortal's Reliquary", features artwork by the new member of her creative team, artist Andrew Huerta, and color by artist Chad Hammontree.

Starting with Issue 6, the comic books will have an entirely new look (while still remaining bloody and gory), featuring interior artwork drawn by Price and inked by Huerta, with text by Chad Hammontree. For those familiar with Price's comics, there are changes to the creative team, with the departure of previous artist Andrew Setter (Issues 1-5).

Price will be the new artist, under the drawing instruction and guidance of Huerta, who is also the inker for the issue and currently Price's drawing instructor. "I'm grateful for all the hard work and talent that Andrew (Setter) has put in to the first 5 issues and I wish him well." says Price. "This has also given me a chance to learn how to draw my own comic books, and I am really grateful to be working with Andrew Huerta, who is an amazing artist." Hammontree remains the colorist and letterer for the series.

Interior Page drawn by Lia Scott Price
and inked by Andrew Huerta

Price will be releasing Issue 6 at Stan Lee's Comikaze 2016.

Vampire Guardian Angels is a creator-owned, independent and original horror-action comic book series written and created by Horror Author Lia Scott Price. It features a disturbing world where Guardian Angels have become vicious vampires and serial killers who hunt down humans who pray to them. They enslave both humans and vampires and fight over a "creator" who holds the power of regeneration and the healing of angels, and only one "good" angel remains to fight them, and both humans and "earth" vampires must also try to work together to stop them.

Price appears as a character in the series.

The Vampire Guardian Angels comic book web site is .

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