Sunday, April 3, 2016

Queen of the Vampire Guardian Angels

"Queen of the Vampire Guardian Angels"

Vampire Guardian Angels were trapped for centuries by a mystical power that required the power of belief and summoning to release them. They were “freed” when an “author” character played by Lia Scott Price accidentally brought them to life by trying to prove they existed in the Bible and by writing extensively about them. These "Vampire Guardian Angels" began to form armies, pursue and fight over the author, now their chosen “Queen of the Vampire Guardian Angels” because as their “creator”, her blood holds the power of “regeneration” and the healing of angels. The author now has the choice of whether to join them or destroy them. She can either help one "good" angel, Cameron, who remains to fight them, and save humans and "earth" vampires, or be sympathetic to the angels themselves who must also struggle with their own once-human emotions, who believe they are “weeding out” the human population of those humans who they see as selfish, entitled and helpless and who have abused prayers for material or personal gain, and are constantly wrestling with whether to turn back to being good “protectors” or accept being evil,

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