Friday, July 22, 2016

How does a Human or a Vampire become a Vampire Guardian Angel?

A. There is so far one character (Issue 6) who becomes the first human to become a Vampire Guardian Angel instantly without dying and going to Heaven, where the transformation takes place. To become a Vampire Guardian Angel, a human or an Earth Vampire has to die, ascend to Heaven, be resurrected and bitten by a Vampire Guardian Angel, and then descend to Earth through a portal. It is possible to skip this process by having "physical relations" with the author, Ms. Price. One has to become "one with her" in “body and blood” through intercourse, and then be bitten by a Vampire or Vampire Guardian Angel (if one is human, that is. If one is already a vampire, it's not necessary to be bitten again, but the vampire would still have to drink Ms. Price's blood), and drink the reliquary potion of blood and gold immediately, so with that rare combination, a Vampire Guardian Angel is instantly “created”.  Ms. Price could instantly create a Vampire Guardian Angel with her own body, since she is technically the "creator" of the Vampire Guardian Angels (at least in writing through supernatural means). And in order for a Vampire Guardian Angel to become (almost) invincible, they will have to  have physical relations with her and mingle their blood with hers through a blood pact. So if one kills the creator, they all die as well. But as long as she’s alive, nothing can kill them as they can instantly heal or be healed by her, but if she dies, the only angels who die are the ones who have had a blood pact with her (which explains why Ms. Price did not die when the Vampire Guardian Angel Zeke died-- they never made a blood pact. In the novel, he forcibly took her, but in comic book Issue 3, it was only implied.) . But the only thing other thing that can kill an evil Vampire Guardian Angel is a good angel or one that has turned back to good.

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