Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Interview on Dash Radio, The Razor on Los Anarchy August 16, 2016

My Interview on Dash Radio The Razor on Los Anarchy on August 16, 2016 with Andy Ford and Elizabeth Aston was about my featuring local metal bands and friends in my comic book series. (Enthraller, Mesmeric, Sacred Ruins, Madrost, Arachnigod, and Highland, and promoters Metal Invictus and Metal Warzone.)

Basically it started when there were existing scenes in the script that needed “background actors”, one scene was a band playing in a club so I featured Mesmeric. One scene had a cemetery so I featured “Sacred Ruins” as the cemetery name with their logo. And Chris Draven from Arachnigod and Tanner Poppitt from Madrost came up with the suggestion of Madrost vs Arachnigod and there was a scene of vampires fighting each other over bodies in Issue 6, so I drew them beating each other with their own instruments. And I featured Enthraller and Highland as vampires.

I hope it helps promote the bands. It’s my way of supporting. I don’t charge them to be in the comic book. It’s for fun. I’m turning my friends into vampires or I’m brutally decapitating them. Or as Andy Ford from The Razor says, my vampires are “killing” metal bands in my comics. Brutal.

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