Saturday, October 6, 2012 Horror Filmmaker Lia Scott Price Releases PRA/EY Trailer

Many thanks to for the post and for spreading the word about my upcoming vampire film short! Much appreciated!

This is the latest vampire film short I produced to feature/promote my Vampire Guardian Angel characters from my novel and comic book series.

Horror Filmmaker Lia Scott Price Releases Trailer for her Vampire Film Short "PRA/EY" Torrance, CA. "PRA/EY" is Vampire film producer Lia Scott Price's latest horror film short which will feature her Vampire Guardian Angels, characters from her vampire trilogy novel and comic book series. In "PRA/EY", Price also stars as a woman in a mental hospital who tries to convince a psychiatrist (Jennifer Cannon) not to pray to a Guardian Angel (Brandon Murphy Barnes), since there are deadly consequences to doing so. You never know what your Guardian Angel really is. The film is set to be released in 2012.

"PRA/EY" is written and produced by Lia Scott Price. Director/Cinematographer: Ray Rodriguez. Starring Lia Scott Price, Jennifer Cannon, and Brandon Murphy Barnes. Music by Mike Naz. The film will also feature music by Los Angeles Death Metal Band Enthraller.

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