Saturday, October 20, 2012

What the heck are Vampire Guardian Angels?

Vampire Guardian AngelsTM are the unique creation of Horror/Vampire Author and Film Producer Lia Scott Price. They are the brutal, bloody and disturbing characters in her Books and Films. The Vampire Guardian Angels Comic Book Series is the Comic Book version of her Vampire Trilogy Novel "The Guardian, Revenant, and Dominion". Her Guardian Angels are a new type of Serial Killer and a new breed of Vampire. Pray for help to one, you die. Because they are sick and tired of answering your prayers. So don't whine to a Guardian Angel. You don't know who you're really praying to. In short, they are Guardian Angels with Fangs, and "Issues".

-Can they be killed?: Holy water, crucifixes (they're "holy" beings, you know), stakes through the heart, or sunlight won't kill them, unfortunately.
-How do they attack humans?: They'll attack you only if you pray in despair to them. They prefer to slice you with sharp weapons and drink. Less struggling, less work. No need to bite necks.
-So what WILL kill them?: Only another Guardian who has turned "back to good". Something like that.
-Why Guardian Angels?: Why not? They could really be evil. And they really really hate us.
-How did Lia come up with her characters?: She challenges the popular belief that Guardian Angels are good protectors: "What if they aren't good? Why not turn them into something evil, like a Serial Killer, and a Vampire?"

Welcome to her world.

Copyright Lia Scott Price

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