Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cameos in Comic Book Issue 5

Really excited for the upcoming Vampire Guardian Angels: Rule of Blood (Issue 5), which will feature a cameo by my awesome friends, thank you to Melodic Death Metal Band Sacred Ruins, LA Metal Scene Photographer and Videographer Adrian Mejia (Metal Warzone), and Metal Show Promoters Angie Gabriel and Jimmy Armenta (Metal Invictus) \m/ :D You all rock! Coming in 2015!
Please check out their pages!
Metal Invictus
Metal Warzone
Metal Photographer/Videographer Adrian Mejia's Web Site
Sacred Ruins
Sacred Ruins on youtube
Photos, images, and logo used with permission.

Adrian Mejia of Metal Warzone is an independent
Photographer and Videographer who documents

(Note: As of 2015: Former guitarist Miklo)

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