Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cameos in Comic Book Issue 6

Really excited to announce that Metal Band Madrost, and Black Metal Bands Arachnigod and Highland will be in my Comic Book Issue 6: Vampire Guardian Angels: Immortal's Reliquary. Pre-Production is set for September 2015! It will be a while but the wait will be worth it! (I gotta get Issue 5 published first, but the storyboard for Issue 6 is already set to go!) Thank you guys! You al rock! \m/ :D \m/
Please check out their pages!
Madrost Music
Arachnigod Music
Highland Music
Photos, images, and logo used with permission.


RIP Coldvoid 2015

Band Members:
Tanner Poppitt: Vocals/Guitar
Richard Orellana: Bass
Cesar Escobar: Drums
Juan Carlos de Alba (Former Member)

Image of Highland in Vampire Guardian Angels Comics Issue 6:

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