Friday, January 30, 2015

Latest Updates on Comic Book Issues 5 and 6

Comic Book Issue 5 “Vampire Guardian Angels: Rule of Blood” is in the final drawing stages, then comes full coloring and text, proofing, final edits and prep for publishing. This issue will feature cameos by Sacred Ruins, Metal Invictus, and Metal Warzone.

After Issue 5 is published, (and my artists Andrew Setter and Chad Hammontree will take a much-deserved break after publication--but you will see all 3 of us at this year's Comikaze 2015) we still start on Comic Book Issue 6 “Vampire Guardian Angels: Immortal’s Reliquary”, which will take up much of this year 2015 and next year 2016 (it takes about a year per comic book). mainly the drawing stages. My artist Andrew Setter already has the storyboard.

Comic Book Issue 6 will be the “season finale” of the series (since I still have to write the next issues) and will feature cameos by Madrost, HIGHLAND, and Arachnigod! It may take a while between issues, but we all work full time jobs while we work on the comic books. However, the end results are freaky and stunning, scary and disturbing, amazing and worth the wait!

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