Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Day in the Life of Author Lia Scott Price

Here’s a typical day, or week,  in the life of an underground, indie, non-mainstream self publisher and comic book author. And yes, I love what I do! Here’s a sampling of  what I do and the many hats I wear. And well, it's work. Lots of work. 

 This is my desk

I have many roles: I am CEO, CFO, PR, sales and promotions, publisher, distributor, publicist, editor, web page administrator, funder, executive producer, accountant, business manager, and project coordinator.  I do daily comic book promotions, run my social media pages, mail out orders, oversee comic book story development, pre-production and post-production with my artists, write PR and promotions, plan and prep for comic book conventions, develop, manage and update merchandise, do  marketing and order fulfillment, and prep for interviews and photo shoots. I also create promotional videos featuring my comic books. (Yes, this kinda sounds like a resume, lol!). Much of my time is also devoted to promotions on social media.

The only thing I don’t do is draw and color, and that is all done by my talented artists Andrew Setter and Chad Hammontree.

So yes, this is basically what it takes for an independent, underground, self-publisher to create,  and produce, her own comic book series. 

Note: All my sales proceeds go to the costs of bringing my artists Andrew and Chad to Los Angeles each year for  Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo. Sales proceeds from my comic books and merch pay for their airfare and hotel costs.

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