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Vampire Guardian Angels: The Guardian (Issue 1 - The Prequel) Sneak Peek Pages

Lia Scott Price's
Vampire Guardian AngelsTM
The Guardian (Issue 1)

About The Comic Book Series:

Lia Scott Price’s Vampire Guardian Angels is a creator-owned comic book series written and created by Horror Author Lia Scott Price. In the series, Guardian Angels from Heaven have become Vampires who kill people who pray for help to them, and both humans and “good” angels have to work to stop them.

What are Vampire Guardian Angels?

When you pray to guardian angels, do you know what they are? What if they were a vicious new breed and hybrid of serial killer, angel and vampire who target those who pray for help to them? Because they are tired of protecting us and want to put us out of our misery, by eating, and enslaving us. Don’t pray to them.

Plot Synopsis

The first issue in the series "The Guardian" introduces the transformation of Guardian Angels into Vampires. An angry Gabriel, sick of answering prayers and protecting humans, targets and kills them. His killing spree is stopped by another Guardian Angel, Cameron, and a young boy, Joseph, who has a mysterious power that kills Gabriel. Gabriel ascends and resurrects back in Heaven, but a Vampire hitchhikes, bites him, invades Heaven, and turns all Guardian Angels into sadistic, invincible Vampires. The vampiric infection spreads and, realizing their newfound power and freedom, the Vampire Guardian AngelsTM are hell bent on seeking revenge against mankind.

Sneak Preview: Issue 1, the Prequel

The Story:

(Prequel: The Beginning: This is the prequel where Guardian Angels are first introduced as Serial Killers and have not yet become Vampires.)

...But Gabriel still stalks Christina, and returns to attack her, but Cameron saves her. Angered, Gabriel stalks another victim in the church, Tammi, and has her kill herself in front of the priest who stopped him.

As Gabriel leaves, he passes a basin filled with holy water, he sees his reflection. Gabriel has a flashback of him being sent as part of a child army during the crusades to fight. As a child he prayed for his Guardian Angel to save him, but he ended up being killed and became an Angel himself. Gabriel reveals that he is filled with rage because no one saved him, and he resents having to spend eternity being forced to save humans. He destroys some angel statues in the Church.

Cameron visits Kirkland who is drinking heavily, still blaming himself for Gabrielʼs victimsʼ deaths. Cameron tries to convince Kirkland that Gabriel is responsible, not him. Then Cameron goes back to the church and finds Christina. They end up falling for each other. Suddenly, Christina gets a call from her panicked babysitter, who tells her a man is after Joseph. Gabriel makes Karen, the babysitter, kill herself. But Cameron appears and stops Gabriel, who says he will come back for Joseph. Gabriel returns to the Church, prompting the priest to call for help. Cameron responds, and takes Christina and Joseph and returns to the Church to look for Gabriel. He tells Christina and Joseph to stay in the car. But he hears a scream and goes back to the car, finding a black feather and both Christina and Joseph gone.

Cameron finds Gabriel has taken Joseph hostage. Gabriel confronts Cameron, telling him why he is killing humans, because he does not want to “play therapist” anymore. Gabriel attempts to make Joseph walk into his sword to kill himself by telling Joseph her can see his dead father again if Joseph does what Gabriel says, but Gabriel sees a mysterious light in Josephʼs eyes. Joseph somehow convinces Gabriel to “go home” and Gabriel admits that Joseph has “the light”, burns up, turns into a ball of light and rises back to Heaven in a tunnel of light as Cameron, Christina, and Joseph are relieved that their ordeal is over.

But a hiding Earth Vampire grabs a hold of Gabriel, and rises with him to Heaven, biting Gabriel, turning him and the rest of the angels in Heaven into Vampires.

Copyright Lia Scott Price

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