Saturday, April 11, 2015

What my Typical Day is like

After an 8-hour work day, I come home, do chores, feed and play with my cat, and get settled in.  After dinner, I put the coffee on and sit down with my laptop. My agenda includes:

-Going through my email and mail and taking care of routine business paperwork (sales, taxes, sales permits, accounting, budgeting, inventory, some legal)
-Work on social media promotions and interactions
-Following up with my artists on comic book production. Review and approve any images my artists send me. Focus on development, preproduction, coordination between artists, and eventually review,  production, and publication, and all steps of the comic book process.
-Going through my to-do list for interviews, conventions, merchandising, comic book production etc.
-Updating my blog and web sites, posting updates and writing articles
-Working on my comic book scripts. Plan any new merchandising or promotion ideas.
-Prep, sign and send autographed photo requests and signed book orders
-I act as my own agent, setting up and responding to interview requests, do the occasional photo shoots
-Organize stuff and update my to-do and project lists for the next day.

I usually work each night until about 11pm, then it starts all over the next day. Weekends I work full-time on my projects. I do make time to relax. Mostly I love reading in bed.

I live a frugal, streamlined and organized life. I’m the type who doesn't like to waste time. (As I write this I'm standing in front of the dryer waiting for my clothes to dry in the laundry room.) I plan ahead and make lists so I can devote time to my business. My phone and its apps are my best friend. I can update while I'm waiting. I streamlined my marketing "blurbs" so I can post anytime. My smartphone is my best friend. And so is my to-do list.

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