Saturday, June 27, 2015

Q and A about Vampire Guardian Angels Part 4

Q: Why does it take so long to make a comic book?
A: It’s a long process due to the fact that my artists and I work long distance and we all have full-time day jobs, so we work on the comic book when we can. This is indie/underground publishing, but we put out the best product that we can. We prefer quality over commercial  cookie-cutter production.
Once he receives the script, my artist Andrew does the initial drawing and inking by hand, which can take months due to the meticulous detail. Andrew sends me preliminary sketches for approval. Once that is done, Chad starts coloring and adds text which is a faster process. The final process is my proofreading and editing, then back to Chad for changes, and so on. It takes about a couple of weeks after that for publishing and printing, so a full year is about average per comic book. But judging by the reactions to the artwork, the wait is worth it! But this is what makes them so rare and collectible — like a fine work of art or vampire wine :) I guess you would call it an artisan comic book.

Update: Andrew Setter is now the former artist and has worked on Issues 1-5. Lia Scott Price will be the new artist for Issue 6 and future issues. She will be working with a creative consultant and art instructor.

Q: What’s next for the Comic Book Series?
A: I’m going to now be drawing all the art for Issue 6 and future sequels and issue. I have a creative consultant and art instructor who will be assisting me. So I am adding my new title of "artist" in addition to being the comic book creator and writer.

Q: What’s next for the characters?
A. My characters continue to evolve, and I’m always continuing to develop them.

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