Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Writing as my Therapy

There has been a LOT of turmoil and challenges in my life that I have managed to overcome due to one thing: Writing.  (and I’m amazed that I did because some experiences were…damn. So glad I have a dark sense of humor.)

1. Writing has kept me sane. And I think my type A “let’s -get-things-done” personality has also gotten me through a ton of stuff because it’s given me a sort of guide and roadmap and grounded me.

2. I channel a lot into my writing and harness that creative energy. So I really do invest a lot of myself into my works. I build a fantasy world of my own that gets me through reality.

3. It’s a great way to cope, especially since other parts of my personal life have proven to be, well, extremely unfulfilling, but I always have writing and creative work to look forward to, to get me through. :)

4. Stay positive!

5. I write my goals and plans down as a guide to my life.

6. I keep a journal and see what is positive and what is working and what is negative and what I must let go of.

7. I have learned not to listen to negative people. My biggest question is what are THEY doing with their life? If it's nothing, then these detractors' opinions DO NOT COUNT. You don't want to regret a missed opportunity or not doing what you love because of a detractor. And they are left happy and you are left miserable.

8. You will, in time, find out who your supporters are. Surround yourself with them.

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