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Vampire Guardian Angels Q & A

Vampire Guardian Angels Q & A:

Copyright Lia Scott Price

Guardian Angels have become Serial Killers and Vampires. Don't Pray. You Become Prey.

Q. How do Vampire Guardian Angels do their serial killing?
A. They come in the form of a "helpful guardian angel". They charm and pretend to help their victims before killing them. They want to shut humans up so they can stop nagging them with their prayers, and they can just put humans out of their misery so they don't have to answer prayers. They can also hypnotize a victim and make them kill themselves to make it look like a suicide. They can also hypnotize someone to kill a victim to make it look like a homicide. They cause "accidents". Their victims are humans who pray for help out of despair to, or whine to, a guardian angel. 


Q. How did Gabriel create the living marble angel statue army, the Angelorum Marmore?
A. He animated and replicated broken life-sized angel statues from an abandoned basilica using drops of blood from Jeromos's reliquaries that were stolen from the the lab. They have long sharp shards for fingernails that act as blades.

Q. Why did the Inquisition use Vampire Guardian Angels?
A. They were "cheaper" than torture devices. There was no longer the need to hire torturers or builders of the mechanisms and no need to hire jailers. They just threw their victims into the dungeon that held the vampires.

Q. What kind of weapons do the Vampire Guardian Angel armies have?
A. All kinds of swords and guns.

Q. Do Vampire Guardian Angels have cell phones?
A. Yes, and SUVs and computers and modern equipment in addition to their medieval weaponry. They still prefer to make their headquarters in churches and ancient religious sites. 

Q. Why don't Vampire Guardian Angels use bullets dipped in the blood of good angels to kill their enemies?
A. Bullets aren't accurate and waste the precious blood. Also, the spent bullets can be gathered by their enemies and  the shrapnel used against them. It would also require a constant supply of blood from a "good" angel, and there is only one good angel left.

Q. What is Joseph's "Power of Light"?
A. It comes from an ancient prophecy that an angel would be a "bringer of light" that had the power of good meant to send bad angels back to Heaven. As a child, Joseph originally sent Gabriel back to Heaven using his newly discovered power of light. But later, as an adult, Joseph decided to use this for revenge on Cameron and to gain power for himself.

Q. Why are Joseph and Cameron called "Angel Killers"?
A. Both have the power of light since they were originally good angels. Joseph used his power of light on Gabriel, originally "killing" him (Gabriel later resurrected in Heaven), and Cameron used his to kill the rogue angels Jude, Zeke, and Anthony (Issue 3). However, their powers are diminished the more they turn evil because the light requires an angel to be "good".

Q. What is the Church's and Inquisition's role in the story?
A. The Church was the original "protector" of the Vampires. They were taken in by the Church and "rebranded" as "Angels" because they saw them as a way to scare "sinners" into conversion. The Church and the Inquisition made use of them by feeding "sinners" and "heretics" to the "Angels and used them to warn people they were trying to convert that these "Angels" would kill them if they did not obey. The Church then hid the existence of the Angels but referred to them in symbolism (eating of bodies and drinking of blood) and "Angels of destruction"  passages in the Bible, which the Author Ms. Price discovered. The Vampire Guardian Angels and the Church teamed up in the modern day to create and enslave more Guardian Angel Believers  to provide them with more human victims, and the Church would be spared from the apocalypse and be rewarded. The Church also abandoned and donated their Cathedrals to the Vampire Guardian Angels for use as their headquarters and to house their armies.

Q. What are the Angelorum Immortui?
A. Also known as "The Angel Undead Cleaners”, they are voiceless, animated "leftover" relics and body parts fused together from Jeromos's human and vampire "experiments" who crawl around and "clean up"the bodies of dead and dying victims from the blood-soaked floors of the monastery. Because of the power of Jeromos's potion, they cannot seem to die and constantly replicate. This is also why bodies are hung on hooks from the ceiling so they can't all be eaten by the "Cleaners". They have pelvic bones fused to them that look like “wings” and even move like wings but they cannot fly.

Q. Where are the Vampire Guardian Angel "Headquarters" or "Base of Operations"?
Jeromos: A Monastery in Sweden
Gabriel: A Basilica in Poland
Detective Costa: A Los Angeles Police Station
Cameron: A Cathedral in Los Angeles
Joseph: A warehouse in Long Beach, CA

Q. Why do Vampire Guardian Angels only follow Royals?
A. Their "society" is still a feudal power structure where they still serve a member of a royal family, one who has married a royal, or a King. 

Q. Have they ever had a Queen?
A. Yes, but only for a brief period. King Janos's Vampire Queen Leah was Queen only for 9 months until she killed herself and his heir. Ms. Price is Queen to King Jeromos, and the second and current "official" Queen to the Vampire Guardian Angels.

Q. If Ms. Price is the "Creator", why can't she destroy the Vampire Guardian Angels?
A. They had already existed in Biblical times and Ms. Price only "summoned" them. She can't " un-create" or "un-summon" them because they were only waiting for a supernatural spell to "bring them to life". She is technically called their "Creator" only because she wrote about them and because her own blood can "create" a Vampire Guardian Angel out of a Vampire or a Human, and heal them. But her role is more of a "healer" because of her royal ties to the inquisitors who "took care" of them. But if she is killed, it will only affect those Vampire Guardian Angels who had physical relations and a blood pact with. And there will still be thousands that will survive.

Q. What are "Guardian Angel Believers"
A. They are humans that the Church has converted so they can blindly believe in and pray to Guardian Angels. Vampire Guardian Angels require humans to"believe" in them so they can be "summoned". The Angels track human believers down through their prayers and either feed on them, or enslave and breed them. The act of begging a Guardian Angel for help through prayers is what summon them.

Q. What are the types of armies in the Vampire Guardian Angel Universe?
1. Jeromos's Army: Consists of Vampire Guardian Angels, Earth Vampires, and the Angelorumrabidi.
2. Gabriel's Army: Consists of broken and resurrected life-sized marble guardian angel statues brought to life. Called the Angelorum Marmore, Gabriel uses them as his bodyguards and to steal the healing potion from Jeromos. They can blend into walls and surroundings, and go through objects.
3. Joseph's Army: Consists of Vampire Guardian Angels Souls that were not killed but were trapped in the astral plane between good and evil, Heaven and Earth, who failed to ascend to Heaven but were resurrected by Joseph.
4. Cameron: Consists of a Rebel Army of Vampire Guardian Angels and Earth Vampires who were punished by Jeromos and who were destined to become his experiments and who defected and joined Cameron.
5. Costa's Army: Consists of Earth Vampires, Humans, and one Angelorum Marmore who defected from Gabriel (the one who also freed Cameron). Costa is the only Vampire Guardian Angel and there leader.

Q. What makes a sword "good"?
A.  It must be infused with the blood of a "good angel", or have a piece of a good angel's sword forged into it.

Q. What is the "Healing Potion"
A. Vials of Blood and Gold

Q. What are the Angelorumrabidi?

Art by Andrew Huerta

The Angelorumrabidi: The Angelorumrabidi (their name means "Rabid Angels") are Jeromos's experiments to create a Vampire Guardian Angel-animal hybrid to use as ground forces in his army. They are animal-like, walk on all four legs and have a thick plate of bone encircling their exposed skulls like a "halo". and their raw, bloody skin sparsely covered with black feathers. They cannot fly but they can stand up like humans and use their claws like swords. (The names of the Angelorumrabidi that appear on the cover of issue 6 are Atunoss and Adraggell.)

Q. How are Vampire Guardian Angels stronger than Earth vampires?
A. All angels in Heaven were trained to be soldiers, and have superior fighting skills. They all carry swords and know how to use all kinds of weapons. They are also immune to holy water (although it may sting them a little), crucifixes (because they are angels and holy in origin), and traditional methods such as exposure to sunlight and stakes through the heart do not affect them at all. They are also ancient immortals who can heal and regenerate (as long as they can get access to Prince Jeromos’s healing potion, or holy relics such as body parts and blood). 

Q. Is it good vs evil?
A. Not entirely. The story starts off with a good angel pursuing a bad one. But over time, the good angels turn bad.  The heroes become resentful and tired of being protectors, and it becomes a fight between angels to see who rules over mankind.

Q. Who publishes the comic books?
A. The comic book series is self-published by Lia Scott Price Productions through

Q. Who prints the comic books?
A. The comic books are printed by

Q. Where can readers buy the comic book series?
A. The official web site for the comic books series with links to purchase paperback, digital and signed copies is

Q. Is this a “Religious Comic Book"?
A. Vampire Guardian Angels is NOT a “religious comic book”. It is a vampire series. It’s a horror-action comic book. These are not loving, helpful Angels.

Q. Can Vampire Guardian Angels see their reflections in the mirror?
A.  Short answer: Yes.

Q. Can Vampire Guardian Angels drink?
A. Hell yes. They get quite drunk too.

Q. Are they both male and female?
A. They are only male Vampire Guardian Angels. In ancient times, only male babies that died became Angels. Male angels, however, can breed with female humans and "Earth" vampires. Their male offspring can become angels (and vampires). In addition, male babies who die on Earth resurrect in Heaven as full-grown angels, are bitten by the Vampire Guardian Angels, and become part of the Vampire Guardian Angel army.

Q. What makes Vampire Guardian Angels Serial Killers?
A. They can only target people, called "believers", who pray specifically to their Guardian Angel. They can’t just kill anyone whenever they want. They have to be “summoned”.  Humans have to believe in them.

Q. So if I don't believe in Guardian Angels, I'm safe from them?
1. Yes. But in the stories, the Vampire Guardian Angels team up with the Church to "convert" humans into believers so that human followers can be more easily enslaved. So if you believe in them, or worse, pray for help to them, you become prey.

Q. In the first book of the series, Guardian Angels couldn't touch humans to harm them. Why is that?
A. When Guardian Angels were Serial Killers before they became Vampires, they were bound by Heaven’s rules of not being able to touch harm humans, but they were able to use mind control to make people kill themselves. But when they became Vampires, they could have physical contact in addition to the mind control, so they were able to physically harm humans.

Q. Are there Female Vampires in the stories?
A. Yes there are, but they are only "Earth" Vampires.

Q. How can evil Vampires turn a Guardian Angel evil?
Technically, something evil, such as a vampire, cannot affect something good, such as a guardian angel, because holiness supposedly cancels out or destroys evil, right?
A. There’s a loophole. If a supposedly “good” guardian angel is already resentful and disillusioned about their “job” of having to stay good towards humans, and if they rebel and start doing bad things to humans on purpose, then yes, they can be affected by evil. They see a way out of their 'jobs" by becoming vampires. Then yes, evil vampires can take over something holy such as guardian angels.

Q. How do Vampire Guardian Angels travel between heaven and earth?
A. They use the portals of other angels who are killed by other Vampire Guardian Angels or good angels.

Q. How do Vampire Guardian Angels control Earth Vampires?
A. They enslave humans for food and provide them to earth vampires. Earth vampires who bow down to and follow the Angels don't have to work for their food and rely on the Vampire Guardian Angels, their new masters, to feed them as long as they do what the angels want them to do, including becoming part of their army on Earth. The earth vampires fear them, since they believe the Vampire Guardian Angels to be more powerful and think that they cannot kill or harm them. However, the Angels also breed the Earth Vampires and use them and their offspring as food as well.

Q. What is the Vampire Guardian Angel society and hierarchy like?
A. Vampire Guardian Angels go by a medieval, feudalist society and system where they are ruled by a King, and all other Vampire Guardian Angels are "programmed" to obey and follow. Those with royal blood act as right-hand men and army captains, the rest are soldiers.  A "fealty oath" is taken to a newly ordained ruler. Technically only a royal could become ruler, but so could a Vampire Guardian Angel who possessed great power (such as Joseph’s “power of light” and Cameron’s ability to stop angels from ascending to Heaven) and whoever possessed the author Ms Price— the “creator and healer”, in combination with those powers. But if Vampire Guardian Angels see or feel that a leader is getting weak, they can defect and join another king's army, if they aren't punished for treason first.

Q. Why do Vampire Guardian Angels have to breed Humans and Vampires?
A. When a plague began to kill Angels, Humans and Vampires, King Janos ordered his right hand and heir, Prince Jeromos, to find a cure and to start a breeding program on Earth to supply fresh, safe and clean humans and vampires for the Vampire Guardian Angels.

Q. What happens if I pray for help to a Guardian Angel?
A. You attract them. Human prayers of despair act as a “beacon” to help Vampire Guardian Angels find their victims. In the comic book series, because they have turned into vampires, instead of helping humans, guardian angels feed on humans or enslave them.

Q. Why do prayers drive the Vampire Guardian Angels crazy?
A. There are too many prayers to keep up with, and they became tired of the constant begging and whining. They start serial-killing only the humans who pray specifically to guardian angels, and a vampires, they use the prayers to find humans for food and breeding. The prayers that used to drive them crazy, however, is now a "tracking device". But they will kill a human if they pray too much or won't shut up.

Q. What kind of prayers attract them?
A. The prayers to them MUST be desperate, whining and begging for help.

Q. What if I pray but it’s not a prayer of despair?
A. They cannot target positive prayers or prayers of thanks.

Q. How do I avoid one?
A. Don’t pray, whine or beg your Guardian Angel to save you.
1. Don't pray for help or in despair to one.
2. Avoid begging for help to an Angel statue ('cause that's how these Vampires hide).
3. Don't ask for an end to your suffering. (They WILL put you our of your misery)

Q. In the comics, they are seen consuming body parts.
A. Yes, they drink blood, and they can consume human flesh. Vampire Guardian Angels have a more zombie-like appetite. They are not limited to blood. They can live off bodily fluids.

Q. How do they kill?
A. They use all types of swords to slash and slice their victims. Vampire Guardian Angels prefer to slice open their victims with sharp weapons instead of bite them because biting is too much struggling and work.

How does one Kill a Vampire Guardian Angel?
1. Only a "good" Vampire Guardian Angel can kill a bad one, or a Vampire Guardian Angel who has turned back to good, through stabbing a bad one with their sword.
2. The blood of a "good" angel on a weapon can kill a bad one.

How does a Human or a Vampire become a Vampire Guardian Angel?
1. To become a Vampire Guardian Angel, a human or an Earth Vampire has to die, ascend to Heaven, be resurrected and bitten by a Vampire Guardian Angel, and then descend to Earth through a portal.
2. They can be ‘created” by the "creator", the author Ms. Price, with her own blood. One has to become "one with her" in “body and blood” through a blood pact.

Q. A Vampire is undead. So are your Vampire Guardian Angels undead?
A. They are just as undead as a Vampire, because they ARE Vampires. Vampires are undead, and are immortal, and are “made” by other Vampires. Guardian Angels are made when a male human dies and their soul ascends to Heaven, where they resurrect as Guardian Angels. The difference is that when a Vampire Guardian Angel “dies”, they can be resurrected (As long as they can get back to Heaven.)

Q. Can wounded Vampire Guardian Angels heal?
A. Yes, there is a potion that can heal them. But also the blood of the "creator", the author Ms. Price, can heal them.

Q. Can I use holy water or other methods that are traditionally used to kill Vampires to kill Vampire Guardian Angels?
A. No. Vampire Guardian Angels cannot be killed by sunlight, holy water, crucifixes, or stakes through the heart. (they are Angels, so nothing “holy” can kill them). They can be repelled with a little holy water--it stings their faces--it will probably only give you time to run away though.

Q. Where do they hide here on Earth?
A. They hide in Churches and Cemeteries where there are life-sized angel statues. You need to look closely to see the fangs, or if the statue is breathing. They also like ancient castles, cathedrals and even dark secluded warehouses. Or they live anywhere and everywhere, you never know when they show up unless you pray in despair to one.

Q. What happens to them when they die?
A. When they die, they turn into balls of light that ascend back to Heaven.

Q. In the comic books, what is a portal?
A. These balls of light (the “ascending angels”) leave a trail of holy light called a “portal”. The portal is needed for ascension and descent between Heaven and Earth. There is an astral plane that separates Heaven from Earth and nothing evil is supposed to cross it. If Vampire Guardian Angels try to ascend or descend without the portal, they risk burning to death.

Q. Why do Vampire Guardian Angels need a portal? Since they are still Angels, can’t they just ascend to Heaven?
A. There is an astral plane that divides Earth and Heaven and separates good and evil. The astral plane will not let evil pass into Heaven. But anything good or evil can travel through a portal of light. Vampire Guardian Angels are angels that have become evil, so they cannot pass through without the portal.

Q. Can anything stop Vampire Guardian Angels from ascending?
A. All Vampire Angels have mind control and hypnosis abilities. The strongest ones can block the ascension of Angels.  If they don't ascend, they die.

Q. Do Vampire Guardian Angels have to die to use the portal?
A. No. A living Vampire Guardian Angel can use the portal of a dead angel to travel between Heaven and Earth. The more Vampire Guardian Angels are killed, the more portals are created.

Q. What happens to Angels who die and don’t ascend?
A. Angels who die only have a few minutes to ascend, and if stopped, they disintegrate and die on Earth.

Q. What happens to humans who are victims of Vampire Guardian Angels?
A. Vampire Guardian Angels can kill humans for food, or they can make humans into vampires. They can also order Earth Vampires to turn humans into vampires. If a human dies and goes up to Heaven,  the male souls are either resurrected as Vampire Guardian Angels, or "recycled" as food, and  the weak and old are also used as food. The females are bred or used as food.

Q. Can Vampire Guardian Angels use ascending human souls to get back to heaven?
A. No, humans can’t create a portal, and their “light” is not "holy/celestial" or strong enough. Otherwise, Vampire Guardian Angels would be killing humans to get back Heaven.

Q. Will there be a Vampire Guardian Angel Apocalypse?
A. If they take over Earth and humans, there very well will be.

Q. Were there Vampire Guardian Angels in the Bible? And how did the "Author" character find them?
A. In the stories, Vampire Guardian Angels existed in the Bible, their existence hidden by the Church. who called them “Angels”. The Inquisition fed “sinners” to these “Angels” to get rid of the “heretics”. The "Author" character, Ms. Price, had dreams of the Vampire Guardian Angels and of a prophecy that they would come to take over humans. She began reading the Bible and found passages of blood-drinking and of Angels as destroyers rather than protector, and of suspected "incorruptible bodies" of saints as secret Vampires, and began a quest to prove that they existed and that anyone who prayed to a Guardian Angel was "in danger".

Q. How did the "Author" "bring them to life"?
A. Summoning the Vampire Guardian Angels requires a power of belief so strong that they were able to come out of "hiding". They require that humans believe in Guardian Angels, and that belief brings them out of the supernatural and into the "real" world.

Q. So Vampire Guardian Angels are real?
A. Could be. Angels were supposedly real in the Bible. The Vampire Guardian Angels actually started out as Serial Killers. If a human prayed for an "end to their suffering", the Angels would hypnotize that human into killing himself or herself, or kill the humans using mind control: in other words, murders, suicides, accidents and other human fatalities were actually caused by the Angels who wanted to "shut humans up" and stop their prayers.

Q. Why do Vampire Guardian Angels need male heirs?
A. Vampire Guardian Angels can only be led by a male leader of royal blood or ancestry. (But they can take any human or Vampire female as their “Queen”) who does not have to have royal blood and create a royal heir. If there is no royal offspring, they can choose someone who is not related to them, but he has to be of royal blood as well.

Q. What is the Vampire Guardian Angel Army like?
A. The leader has a right-hand soldier, and an army of Vampire Guardian Angels and Earth Vampires. All Angels are either trained fighters in all weaponry or have special powers such as telepathy, mind control etc. But only royal offspring can lead them, or someone who proves they are more powerful than a current leader.

Q. Are they afraid of anything?
There are two Angels called “The Killer of Angels”, one who has the ability to stop ascending angels and another who has the “Power of Light”. This power can burn an Angel on the spot and send them back to Heaven. All Angels fear them.

Q. What do they want?
A. Vampire Guardian Angels want to take over Earth because they are tired of serving humans and they instead want to enslave humans. In the stories, humans are also bred for food. Vampire Guardian Angels also want to enslave Earth Vampires and make them work for them, in return for providing humans to them as food.

Q. Can they eat other Vampires?
A. Vampire Guardian Angels can eat “Earth Vampires”.

Q. Can Earth Vampires kill them?
A. Earth Vampires are not strong enough. Vampire Guardian Angels are almost invincible and can only be killed by one of their own, or by a sword with the blood of a good angel. But the bearer must also be “good”.

Q. In the stories, how does the Plague kill the Vampires?
A. It is a deadly virus that kills both Earth Vampires and Vampire Guardian Angels. If they drink the blood of an infected human or vampire or eat them, they dissolve completely into a pool of blood, and ascend as a ball of light, creating a portal. The plague was unleashed on Earth for this purpose by those who wanted power and to take over the current leadership.

Q. Why are they after the "Author"
A. She is their creator, therefore her blood heals them. She is also a symbol of power and eventually, their queen.

Q. What is the Author's royal lineage?
A. She has Spanish royal blood from a noble ancestor, a Spanish Inquisitor who "protected" and fed the Angels.

Q. What do Vampire Guardian Angels smell like? (Yes, I've actually been asked this question.)
A. They smell like incense.

Q. How do Vampire Guardian Angels survive?
A. They rob, steal, and pillage. They basically do whatever they want.

Q. Are Vampire Guardian Angels among us now?
A. Probably. In the fictional stories, if you hear of a murder or suicide,  it's because a Vampire Guardian Angel, being a serial killer, can hypnotize humans to do their killings for them, to make it look like an accident, suicide, or homicide.

Q. Can Vampire Guardian Angels breed?
A. Vampire Guardian Angels can breed with human women and female Earth Vampires. The male offspring are used in two ways: to be raised and trained as soldiers or designated as food, and the females are also used for food or as future breeders to increase their numbers since there are no female Vampire Guardian Angels. Any royal offspring from any Vampire Guardian Angels are automatically heirs. Vampire Guardian Angels cannibalize their own-- both male, female and even any Vampire offspring right out of the womb, sorted and thrown to be fed to both Vampire Guardian Angels and Vampires not affected by the plague.

Q. Do all Vampire Guardian Angels have weapons?
A. It’s quite common for angels to carry swords, but they love a variety of exotic weapons (such as the Haladie dagger). The main reason behind this was not just for protecting themselves, but because they wanted to deviate from the traditional biting of the neck, only because they found biting necks too much work (too much struggling), so using a sharp weapon to just slice off a body part or cut open an artery and wait for the victim to become weak and bleed makes it more convenient to feed off of is their preference. And their armies do have guns.

Q. Why did Guardian Angels turn bad?
A. Before they were bitten by Vampires, Guardian Angels were already angry, disillusioned Serial Killers who answered desperate people’s prayers by killing them instead of helping them. They were sick and tired of human begging and whining and hated their “jobs” of protecting humans.

Q. Why did Guardian Angels originally become Serial Killers?
A. Guardian angels were originally given "jobs" to protect humans and grew resentful of their roles. So they started to respond to prayers by killing humans.  The prayers were driving them insane, so they thought that by shutting people up for good and putting them out of their misery, they wouldn’t have to answer "whining and begging" prayers anymore.  To Guardian Angels, humans are just mindless, cult-like, religion-obsessed fanatics who constantly nag them.

Q. How did Guardian Angels benefit from becoming Vampires?
A. They gained freedom by becoming vampires and turning evil. Even though the prayers were still a nuisance and they couldn't just turn them off and still had to respond, they found that they could use the prayers as a "tracking device" to find human prey, and so they get to feed off the "whiners" too.

Q. Why didn’t Guardian Angels fight back against the Vampires that bit them?
A. Vampire Guardian Angels think that becoming a Vampire was the best thing that ever happened to them. They willingly become Vampires because they become more powerful and this power frees them from being obligated to protect and help humans. As Vampire Guardian Angels, they can shut people up for good, and eat them as well.

Q. Is there a difference between the original Lia Scott Price Vampire trilogy novel and the comic books?
A. In the original trilogy novel, Guardian Angels can make the choice of whether they want to become Vampires or not. They can choose not too. The novel version also features erotic/bondage material that is toned down in the comic books.

Q. Are all the Comic Books based on the Trilogy novel?
A. The first 3 comic books were based on Lia Scott Price's original Vampire trilogy novel. The sequels to the stories (comic books 4, 5, 6 etc.) are continued as independent stories in comic book format. (Warning, this novel contains erotic and bondage material, over 18 only. But the comic books series does not contain any of erotic material.)

Q. What inspired the Comic Book Series?
A. The author Lia Scott Price is “an atheist and Recovering Catholic”. It was written to bring back a more vicious, disturbing, bloody and brutal vampire. It also questions “what if” Guardian Angels were Vampires. The series questions why we always rely on a higher power to save us, and why we never question who or what it is we pray to, and what if it was another evil, supernatural being.

Q. How do I know that my Guardian Angel is a Vampire?
1. He shows up with black wings and fangs.
2. You're gutted instead of saved.
3. You're enslaved to be bred or used as food.

Q. Is this a romantic love story?
A. Sorry to disappoint, but, no. These are horrifying, bloody, and quite grotesque Vampires who are not tender lovers. If you're expecting a vampire love story with vampires as heroic, romantic figures, you've come to the wrong place. They'd rather eat you than love you.

Q. How are Vampire Guardian Angels different?
A. They are a unique new breed: still holy but evil at the same time, immune to things that traditionally kill vampires. They are almost invincible. They are serial killers that can only target certain victims. They are powerful and can be healed, or resurrected.

Q. Why are there metal bands in the series?
A. There are cameos of local metal bands as "background" actors. Lia Scott Price thought it would be fun to place friends and their bands in scenes that needed a band playing in the background, as vampires, or  as "victims" in the comic book series.

Q. What is wrong with the Guardian Angels in this Comic Book Series?
A. Everything. And not in a good way. My Guardian Angels are all sorts of wrong. They are complete psychopaths, sociopaths, rebels against their supposed assigned roles, and now, they are Vampires. And when you pray to one, they get angry. They get annoyed at our constant begging and whining to them. Now, they would rather put us out of our misery rather than help us, so now they can eat us as well as shut us up for good.

Q. What’s the “Lesson” in this Comic Book Series?
A. This is a comic book that questions the role of Guardian Angels, and turns them into something no one expects, and into something evil. The concept of Guardian Angels as evil vampires pushes the envelope in a “what if” situation. The comic books force us to face the unthinkable. We always expect Guardian Angels to save, help and protect us. What we don’t expect is for them to commit acts like murder, violence, and other unexpected things. But in this comic book, they do.  The lesson here is that we do not know what Guardian Angels really are, and if they are even real. Pop culture insists they are, and this is where fiction and imagination comes in—to turn these “myths” into something else entirely. We as humans always rely on a higher power to save us, materialize and solve our problems. We put too much faith and reliance on the Supernatural. The problem is, we don’t know what entities we are summoning or praying to. It could be something dangerous, something that kills instead of helps us.

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