Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A More Disturbing Angel

In my comic books, I explore the more disturbing side of praying to a guardian angel. In my stories, there are people  who want to trust but so often end up too dependent on a higher power to help them with their problems. We believe that invoking entities can help us, without knowing what that entity really is. We are so programmed to nag, beg, and totally depend on something or someone else to rescue us and save us. We don’t question who, or what, it is we are praying to.

There’s the phrase "Be careful what you pray for." When you pray to any being, you really don't know who or what you are invoking. I’ve heard people say when they pray to a Guardian Angel that they’ll do anything for their help and guidance. People can become so desperate that they are willing to bargain with these unseen entities. So basically, you are telling an entity that you've never seen that you will do anything. It's an invitation to trouble.

So my Guardian Angels are very disturbing characters, probably one of the most disturbing angels you may read about. With the added twist of being a Vampire.

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