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Vampire Guardian Angels: Dominion, Comic Book Issue 3: Full Story

Lia Scott Price's
Vampire Guardian Angels™ 
Dominion, Comic Book Issue 3

Copyright Lia Scott Price

About The Comic Book Series:

Lia Scott Price’s Vampire Guardian Angels is a creator-owned comic book series written and created by Horror Author Lia Scott Price. In the series, Guardian Angels from Heaven have become Vampires who kill people who pray for help to them, and both humans and “good” angels have to work to stop them.

What are Vampire Guardian Angels?

When you pray to guardian angels, do you know what they are? What if they were a vicious new breed and hybrid of serial killer, angel and vampire who target those who pray for help to them? Because they are tired of protecting us and want to put us out of our misery, by eating, and enslaving us. Don’t pray to them.

The Story: 

Back in the 14th Century there were originally four Guardian Angels who were bitten by Earth Vampires, the predecessors to Gabriel. Unable to get back to Heaven, they roamed the Earth until the Church sheltered them, secretly hiding their existence through vague references of blood drinking in the Bible. Fearing them and thinking they were gods, the Church called these Vampires "Angels". One, Gregory, (who would be Janosʼs father), fled to Transylvania and was sheltered by the Vampire Countess Elizabeth Bathory. The remaining three Angels were hidden by the Church in Italy. They were used by the Inquisition, who fed “sinners” to them. However, the Vampire Guardian Angels, Zeke, Anthony, and Jude, grew tired of their captivity, and escaped, with weapons. 

Meanwhile, centuries later, in the present day in Los Angeles CA, an author, Ms. Price, dreams the three Vampire Guardian Angels try to kidnap her in a Church. It is revealed that she has actually done research focusing on the existence of Vampire Guardian Angels in the Bible, and is convinced that because of her dream, they are real. 

The Vampire Guardian Angels, who are looking for the author who they consider their “creator”, kill their first victim in the city. The murder is investigated by Detective Costa, who finds black feathers at the murder scene. 

The Vampire Guardian Angels target patients in hospitals, feeding off of them, and they are gaining followers consisting of Earth Vampires. The Earth Vampires accept the Vampire Guardian Angels as their new leaders as long as they are fed humans and taken care of. 

The author visits Detective Costa and tries to convince him that her dream has come true, and that the killings are caused by Vampire Guardian Angels. Meanwhile, the three Angels target their female victims, feeling entitled to doing so because they were denied what they consider pleasures of the flesh, before killing and feeding on their victims. 

Detective Costa gets an emergency call, and Ms. Price insists on going with him. As they get to where the latest victim is being attacked, Ms. Price gets kidnapped by Zeke. However, just as the Angels try to kill Detective Costa, the Guardian Angel Cameron appears and saves him. The three Angels take the author and disappear. 

Cameron turns out to have become a Vampire and tells Costa who the three Vampire Guardian Angels are and what they want with Ms. Price. Cameron tells Costa that the Angels were sent to open a portal to let the Vampire Guardian Angels in from Heaven so they can take over Earth, and that the author will be an “offering”. Cameron fights the three Angels as Costa frees Ms. Price, who tells him about what the Vampire Guardian Angels consider a “prophecy”, that they will be led by a new leader, Janos, who will bring all the Vampire Guardian Angels from Heaven to enslave humans, and that the portal is the only way in. Cameron reveals to Costa that Vampire Guardian Angels can only be killed by a Guardian Angel who was evil but who turned back to good.  Together, they manage to kill Zeke, Anthony, and Jude. The three angels burn and become balls of light, just like Gabriel did, but Cameron stops their ascent back to Heaven by throwing himself into the dying portal, blocking the portal as it implodes and preventing their resurrection in Heaven. Cameron disappears, presumably killed by the dying portal.

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