Saturday, July 27, 2013

2 Big Reasons NOT to pray to a Guardian Angel

Did you whine to your Guardian Angel lately? Pray to them for help? Guess who answers.

When was the last time you prayed for help to your Guardian Angel? You may not want to.

Two Big Reasons NOT to pray to a Guardian Angel:
1) They're sick and tired of answering prayers. They don't want to be your therapist or problem-solver anymore.
2) They are Vampires now. They'd rather eat you than help you.

Meet a new breed of Vampire: Guardian Angels. Pray to them, and you become prey. That's the premise behind my comic books.

Your prayer of despair is a homing device....for a hungry Vampire Guardian Angel.

Be careful who you pray to. Your Guardian Angel: now a bloodthirsty Vampire.

Vampire Guardian Angels are the unique creation of Horror/Vampire Author Lia Scott Price. They are the brutal, bloody and disturbing characters in her comic book series. Written by Lia Scott Price. Art by Andrew Setter and Chad Hammontree.

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