Saturday, July 6, 2013

Vampire Guardian Angels: Immortal's Reliquary (Issue 6)

Lia Scott Price's
Vampire Guardian Angels™ 
Immortal's Reliquary (Issue 6)

About The Comic Book Series:

Lia Scott Price’s Vampire Guardian Angels is a creator-owned comic book series written and created by Horror Author Lia Scott Price. In the series, Guardian Angels from Heaven have become Vampires who kill people who pray for help to them, and both humans and “good” angels have to work to stop them.

What are Vampire Guardian Angels?

When you pray to guardian angels, do you know what they are? What if they were a vicious new breed and hybrid of serial killer, angel and vampire who target those who pray for help to them? Because they are tired of protecting us and want to put us out of our misery, by eating, and enslaving us. Don’t pray to them.
Plot Synopsis:

In the sixth issue, "Immortal's Reliquary", Gabriel is alive and being healed by Prince Jeromos in Sweden, who plots to unseat Janos from power. Jeromos has kidnapped the Author, Ms. Price, as her blood is needed to heal Gabriel. Cameron and Costa work to stop Jeromos, who claims the Author as his Queen, and they must fight Gabriel in an attempt to rescue her.

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