Saturday, July 27, 2013

Why Your Guardian Angel Became a Vampire

A Prayer. An Angel. A Vampire. What do these three have in common? Something very disturbing and nightmarish.

Why turn Guardian Angels into Vampires? Why not? Guardian Angels could really be evil. And they really, really hate us. Because we whine to them constantly. They're sick of answering our prayers. So they are also serial killers who hunt you down by listening to who prays in despair to them.

We are addicted to the idea of having supernatural saviors.... and it sucks when our "loving, protective" Guardian Angels turn on us humans.

Supernatural "saviors" turn out to be vicious vampires.

How did Guardian Angels become Vampires? Read the Comic Book Series!

Vampire Guardian Angels are the unique creation of Horror/Vampire Author Lia Scott Price. They are the brutal, bloody and disturbing characters in her comic book series. Written by Lia Scott Price. Art by Andrew Setter and Chad Hammontree.

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