Friday, September 20, 2013

How Do You Kill A Vampire Guardian Angel?

I decided to give my characters some redeeming qualities, the classic good vs evil. So in my stories, only an angel who stays good, or who has turned back to good, can kill an evil one. But they may not always do's tricky because of the temptation towards power and freedom from having to protect and watch over humans, and finally having their own free will, and getting to do whatever they want. 

They could go either way---good or evil---and you'd have to convince one to kill the other.

They can be repelled with a little holy water--it stings their faces--it will only give you time to run away though. But you have to run fast before they find you.

They can also be healed with the blood of ancient saints--which is why they seek out holy relics and reliquaries kept by the Catholic Churches. They are also healed by the "Incorruptible bodies" of preserved saints, who are actually ancient Vampires in disguise who were concealed by the Church.

That, I think, is what makes this series so challenging to write. The audience has to figure out which one ends up being the good one. And just when you think the good one prevails, evil may just keep coming back. Or the good one turns evil. Or I may make the evil one relent. Do they ever die? Who knows? That's the fun part about writing this series---I want to keep the audience guessing.

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