Sunday, September 22, 2013

Q and A about Vampire Guardian Angels Part 1

Vampire Guardian AngelsTM FAQ

What are they?
They are Guardian Angels that became Vampires.

Why Guardian Angels?
-Because you don't really know what they are. They could really be evil.
-They have issues--they hate their jobs, and us.

Who created them?
Horror Author Lia Scott Price.

Who wrote the comic book series?
Horror Author Lia Scott Price. It's based on her Vampire Trilogy novel "The Guardian, Revenant, and Dominion".

Who are the artists?
Andrew Setter (Illustrator), and Chad Hammontree (Colorist/Letterer/Graphic Artist, and Art Director).

What is the series about?
Guardian Angels that have become vampires and who want to enslave humans.

How did Lia come up with her characters?:
She challenges the popular belief that Guardian Angels are good protectors: What if they aren't good? Why not turn them into something evil, like a Serial Killer, and a Vampire?

How are they different?
-Sunlight, holy water, crosses--no effect (They're still holy entities).
-They are almost invincible.
-They are also Serial Killers--they can only target certain victims.
-They prefer to slice you with sharp weapons and drink. Less struggling, less work. No need to bite necks.

How do they target humans?
You have to pray to, or summon them, for help. They only target people when they hear prayers of whining and begging to them. They'll attack you only if you pray in despair to them. (Besides eating you, they want to shut you up.)

How do I avoid one?
Don't pray to one in vain. You can repel them with holy water. It stings them a little. But you better get away fast.

How do I kill one?
-They can only be killed by a "good angel" or one of their own who had become "good" again. 
-However, the blood of holy relics heals them if they can get to the relics in time.

Where can I get the comic books? What's the web site?

Get the comic book series here: Lia Scott Price's Vampire Guardian Angels Comic Book Series

Copyright Lia Scott Price

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