Sunday, September 8, 2013

Themes in my Comic Book Series

Themes in my Comic Book Series

Copyright Lia Scott Price

Rogue Angels: Guardian Angels "snap" and commit acts that you would not expect Guardian Angels to do. Filled with rebellion, resentment, and revenge, they also crave power and have human desires.

Serial Killers: Guardian Angels who become serial killers. They can only specifically target and harm those who summon and/or pray to them for help or out of desperation or despair. They especially target those who asked for an end to their pain or troubles.

Haunted Angel Statues: The belief that statues in cemeteries, churches and homes are filled with negative energies that give life to the statues themselves and allow them to target humans. A Vampire Guardian Angel can also become a life-sized angel statue and hide in Churches.

Classic Evil, Vicious Vampires: My work focuses on Vampires as brutal, sociopathic, psychotic, cold calculating, and homicidal killers.

Blind Faith: The stories question human reliance on summoning a supernatural, supposed higher power to save them, and how the church, both in ancient and modern times, used fear and glorified suffering and martyrdom to manipulate human victims into becoming "believers" for the Angels to target.

Angels as Ancient Vampires: Hidden messages in scriptures about the possibility of Angels actually being Vampires in the Bible in ancient times; Reliquaries and remains of "incorruptible" bodies that supposedly never decay; and Guardian Angels being turned into Vampires. (and loving it).

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