Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Terrifying New Serial Killer

My goal is to create a high-quality, masterfully illustrated, underground comic book outside of the mainstream, and create and feature something original about vampires. I didn't want to follow the typical Vampire norm. I wanted to create a Vampire that was very unique, something no one has ever seen before, and one that was a serial killer as well.

My comic book series has an entirely different vampire storyline. They are new, vampires that are also holy entities: a cross breed between Guardian Angel and Vampire. But they kill very specific victims.  Their way of serial killing is limited: you have to pray to one for help for them to target you. And when they do find you, you meet your end in a very bloody way. Their purpose is to fuck with you and toy with you out of sheer hatred-- and hunger, and to shut you up because they are rebelling against their role of answering prayers and protecting humans. So they have specific motives and specific victims--and that's what makes them so fascinating.

To these serial killers, humans are just mindless, cult-like, religion-obsessed fanatics who rely on a higher power to save them and who constantly nag supernatural entities for help. These entities, the Guardian Angels, feel enslaved, and once they become Vampires, make it their mission to wipe out the human race. But they are limited and constrained on how they can do so, because they are can only target "believers". This is because human prayers act as a "beacon". It's like they want to rid themselves of the "human voices in their heads", so they start by targeting those people who were the source of the prayers. (So if you don't pray--or whine to them---you're safe---for now.)

So when you think you're calling for help to something that will help you, like your own Guardian Angel, you may just be calling for something that hates you--and will make a meal out of you. Never thought of that, did you?

And that, is what makes my Vampires so terrifying.

Copyright Lia Scott Price

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