Sunday, November 10, 2013

Comic Book Series is One Year Old!

My Vampire Guardian Angels comic book series is now about a year and a half or so old! The first issue was released in May 2012, the second on September 2012, and the third issue on February 2013! The series is so far well received, the images are beautifully done, the printing quality by createspace is superb, the series has 5 star amazon reviews, and we sold out at Comikaze! This has been an incredible year and we have many more issues in the works!  Issue 4 is almost here!

Just wanted to thank my artists Andrew Setter and Chad Hammontree again! Thanks guys for all your hard work and dedication to my Vampire Guardian Angels comic book series. You both are amazing, talented, skilled artists and incredible people and friends! Also want to thank my wonderful friends who help run my Vampire Guardian Angels fan page, Chet Almas and Terri Yamson-Almas. I really appreciate your time, care and help and your awesome support! And thank you thank you especially to my friends, supporters, and fans of the comic book series, and to my awesome hubby Mike Naz, for all your inspiring and  great comments, shares, and support and thank you to the talented writers and bloggers and the media who have written about the series and for all you do to help promote the series! Without you all, the series would not have made it this far and it will keep going! More bloody goodness to come! 

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