Saturday, September 12, 2015

Bringing the Bad-Ass back into Vampires

To me, there’s been a rather disturbing evolution of Vampires from fearsome creatures to soap opera love interests that focuses more on love stories, teen angst, and "feelings”. I missed the B-movie, gothic horror, psychological thriller, hideous, violent and bloody, genuinely scary, frightening, and creepy vampire films that made them dark, fearsome creatures to begin with, not love interests.  So that’s why I created my vampire comic book series and why I make my vampires so disturbing. They are a combination of the "old school" scary vampires with my own twist. I've created a new breed of vampire and I hope to bring that brutality back to the horror genre.

Have a look at my Vampires. Why did a guardian angel become a vampire? Because they want to be. They've become "Vampire Guardian Angels". They want power and immortality. They no longer want to serve man---they would rather eat man. For them, it's a lot better to become an evil monstrosity rather than a good servant to humans. Becoming a vampire makes it easier for them to get rid of humans, so they won't have to answer prayers anymore. As guardian angels, they could not kill human. But now as a vampire-angel hybrid, they can slice and dice and eat humans all they want.

Gloriously gruesome, aren't they? :)

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