Saturday, September 12, 2015

My Vampire Guardian Angels take advantage of Humans’ Dependence on a “Higher Power”

Humans have always believed that they have to call on or rely upon a supernatural “higher power” or “being” to save them. But what if that “higher power” was evil? What if something supposedly good, such as a guardian angel, was out to harm, or, eat humans? Do we know who we are really summoning?

Have you ever actually seen a guardian angel? Do you really know what they are or what they look like other than the pop-culture versions so often seen in paintings and statues?

That’s what my characters take advantage of—that reliance and trust. When we call upon these unseen beings to “save us” —who really comes?

Your guardian angel, right?


Well, actually, they have a new look now. And a new deadly purpose. To eat humans. We now live to serve them. They no longer serve us. Meet a new breed of vampire and guardian angel. Meet my Vampire Guardian AngelsTM . Oh, and don’t pray. Because although they hate our desperate prayers for help, they actually track us down. As a meal.

My vampires will change the way you see your guardian angel.

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