Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Drawing Page 2 of Issue 6, Part 1

I've recently taken over artist duties for my comic book series beginning with Issue 6. It's a challenge but I have plenty of help and guidance from my art instructor and new member of my creative team, artist Andrew Huerta.

Our process is this, and we have a system going: I have regular drawing lessons every Sunday in Costa Mesa CA. (I drive every Sunday from Torrance to Costa Mesa to meet with Andrew.) We have two hour drawing lessons. One hour is dedicated to lessons, and the next hour is spent planning and sketching the line art for a panel/page. Andrew sketches out the initial line art, and during the week, I apply what I learned from my lessons to fill in and complete the details, character faces, poses, etc. It is challenging since I'm only 3-4 months in to drawing and am new to this, but I practice every day. And Andrew corrects my work through text and when we meet. But it is looking great so far!

My ultimate goal is to become a comic book artist as well, since I'm already a comic book writer and a publisher. That way, I can keep the series going by drawing it myself eventually.

That said, here is the initial drawing in progress of page 2 of Issue 6. I'm working on the page, and Andrew will do the inking.

Drawing my character Gabriel

Drawing my character Jeromos

Drawing the "Reliquary" necklace that appears in my comic book

The initial line art sketched out by my artist and art instructor Andrew Huerta...

Then I fill in the details and apply what I've learned...

 I text images of the drafts to Andrew and he makes comments or corrections:

On my way to becoming a comic book artist on my own comic book series!

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