Saturday, December 12, 2015

Vampire Guardian Angels Fest: December 18, New Poster


This event is dedicated to the one and only Lia Scott Price. 
This event will showcase a variety of Illustrators, local artists, and bands in the Metal community. 

Featured Artist: 
Comic book Creator/writers.
All these artist will be featured in the back patio area.

Lia Scott Price - Vampire Guardian Angels
Valerie Pobjoy Art - 
Lethal Lillian of The Brutal Adventures of Black Metal Girl
Danny Christ (MOJO) of Lost Anarchy Magazine. 
Raul Ruiz - Morbid Art 
Tony Koehl-Live Art
Thomas Denney- Live Art
Majin Yusuke Art
Art, Illustration & Cosplay by Moizilla
Tawny Arredondo Art
Kari Perez Occult Obscure Art
Raul Cruz of Morbid Art 
Jonathan Cortes Art

Live Performances by:

Wire Werewolves (Dystopian Horror Metal)
Mesmeric (Progressive/ Experimental Metal)
Lethal Fire (Metal)
Thrashadelik (Thrash Metal)
Willow Wisp (Eclectic Avant Garde Metal)
Livin Alive (Thrash Metal)

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