Monday, January 25, 2016

Page 2 of Issue 6 Ready for Color and Text!

Update on Vampire Guardian Angels Issue 6: Here are some images of Page 2 from start to finish, no color or text added yet. Initial figure sketching was done by my drawing instructor Andrew Huerta, and then I worked on the face, hands, and filling in other details from our lessons of the drawing with his guidance (As in “Here. You complete the page.” :) ) Finishing touches and inking by Andrew Huerta. A great effort working together on my 2nd attempt at drawing Issue 6 of my comic book series!  I wanted to learn how to draw my own characters and the next issues of my comic book and we work every week at it, and I’m learning from one of the best artists in the industry!  I’m still not fully there on drawing completely on my own without his help, but I’m practicing everyday and I have a fantastic instructor and artist on board who really kicks my ass and makes me practice and work harder!  Andrew Huerta is incredibly amazing—beyond amazing! I can’t thank him enough for all his help on Issue 6! I am absolutely motivated and determined to work on this issue! 

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