Saturday, January 2, 2016

The New Look for the Comic Book Series

Issue 6 will have a new look for the characters. They will be a lot more detailed and more anime-influenced. I’ll be drawing with line art assistance and inking from my new artist Andrew Huerta, a talented freelance professional who has worked for publishers like IDW Publishing, Dynamite Entertainment and BOOM! Studios.

I’m still keeping the same black, white and red color scheme and it will be little different from the previous “comic noir/Sin City" look from my previous artist, which were much more “abstract” and had less detail in terms of the characters. The new format will be more geared towards traditional action comics/anime style and a lot more detailed in terms of how the characters will look.

In other words, I’ve requested a complete re-design of the characters to have a more “action-figure” look. For instance, the character Jeromos previously had long hair, but now he has short hair and a more militarized, badass look in Issue 6.

Here's a before and after for Jeromos:

The character "Jeromos" before, (by former artist Andrew Setter)

The character "Jeromos" after, by new artist Andrew Huerta

The best way I can describe it is like an animation will jump right off the pages. You can totally envision the new comics as an anime. We still want to preserve the feel of the stories. My new artist Andrew Huerta says that the comic series “has a vibe all its own” and he wants to keep that as much as possible.  And I will still be featuring metal bands and cameos in the series.

I feel we just took the comic series to a much more exciting level, with its upcoming new art. And I’m on board for the first time as an artist for my own comic book series, and I have on board an incredible new artist, inker and drawing instructor.  2016 is going to be amazing!

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