Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A New Breed of Disturbing Vampire

This is what my comic book series is all about. This image pretty much says it all.

A new, original, unique and disturbing Vampire. A brutal, violent, psychotic, sociopathic serial killer. No romance. No happily ever after. Just blood, gore, and nightmares. This is the type of Vampire I want to bring back and promote.

Plus, I've turned your everyday Guardian Angel into a Vampire.

This is how they get you: When you pray to one of my characters, they track you down by your prayers of despair (there's a catch--you have to be desperate and asking a Guardian Angel for help), and when they hear you, they come and they feed on you. Because not only are they sick of human whining and dependence on Angels, they have also become hungry Vampires.

A disturbing concept, isn't it? You never thought of your helpful, loving Guardian Angel to turn out to be a vicious serial killer that hunts you down and feeds on you just because you've prayed to one, but makes for quite a refreshingly original Comic Book Series.

So remember: Don't Pray to your Guardian Angel. You never know who, or what, answers.

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