Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Brutal Vampires

Throughout the 1800s to the 1990s, Vampires were scary and violent. They were charming, but they were also hideous and bloodthirsty. The classic Vampire. The B-Movie Vampire. Vampires back then were feared (not seen as potential dating material or romantic partners.)

In the 2000's, that's seemed to changed through certain television shows and current novels. The genre changed. To me, Vampires became, well, wimpy.

I prefer, and miss, the classic, evil, bloody Vampire. So in my works, I focus on Vampires as brutal, disturbing, fearsome, vicious, violent, gory, terrifying, and seemingly invincible. Psychotic. Oh, and morally compromised. The type of Vampire you dread encountering (and definitely not someone you would think of bringing home to mom, unless of course, mom tastes good.)

There's nothing my Vampires won't do. They are demented, deadly, serial killers. They will commit horrid acts. There's slicing, dicing, slashing, stabbing, scenes of bondage, death, dismemberment, and destruction. My Vampires are truly meant for the horror, not romance or soap opera, category.

In short, they're badass. And be sure to listen to heavy metal or death metal in the background while reading the comic books. 'Cause it's a great combo of horror, brutal gore, and metal.

I want to be very afraid of Vampires again.

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