Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Why Guardian Angels?

I often joke that I'm a "recovering Catholic" and I question a Guardian Angel’s role of simply existing to protect and help humans. I explore and present an alternate view that the Guardian Angels humans pray to are evil, really tired of human whining and prayers and are flawed and vengeful and they that themselves even have human feelings and desires. I wanted to create something disturbing from something so innocent and supposedly protective. We really don't know who or what it is we are praying to. It could be a negative entity disguised as a guardian angel with the intent to harm instead of help us.

In my works, I question people's belief in a supernatural, supposedly higher power, and that people don't know what a Guardian Angel really is. Why do we rely on a supposedly higher supernatural power that we can’t see to save us, and what if it really was evil. Since horror is a genre that pushes the envelope in a lot of aspects, I’d say I’ve been kind of messing with people’s beliefs in terms of what pop culture considers “saviors”, in a fictional sense, and focusing mainly on Guardian Angels. My work questions what they are, and presents an alternate view on what they could be.

Just because I'm messing with the pop-culture image of a guardian angel doesn't mean I'm condemning it or being disrespectful. I'm questioning why we rely so much on a supernatural entity to save us. It's an alternate view to something supernatural. We put so much blind faith in a higher power to help us and we don't even know what it is we are summoning. That's the whole point of my books and films. Angelic rebellion is nothing new, but I've just taken it to another, more disturbing level.

The reaction by fans? It has ranged from fascination to enthusiasm that I feature a vampire that’s new, different, evil and brutal, and that it’s refreshing to see something original. People understand that I'm not out to condemn any beliefs. I'm simply exploring other possibilities out there, using horror to turn the ordinary into something creepy, and they know this is a Vampire theme.

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