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A Guide to Vampire Guardian Angels

Lia Scott Price's
Vampire Guardian AngelsTM

Be careful who you pray to. You might become their prey. Do you really know who you're praying to?   It could be...a Vampire.

Meet the New Breed of Disturbing Vampire. 
Don't Pray.

Is this a “Religious Comic Book"?
Vampire Guardian Angels is NOT a “religious comic book”. It is a vampire series. It’s a horror-action comic book. These are not loving, helpful Angels. They are one of the most metal of vampires and angels: this serial killer Vampire Guardian Angel hybrid will hunt you down through your whiny prayers, slice you up, brutally tear you apart and feast on your bloody dripping carcass. Hell no they don’t sparkle, but they do “shred” (bodies). \m/

Is this a romantic love story?
Sorry to disappoint, but, no. Sure, there are couples and lovers in this series, but in general it's not the focus.  These are horrifying, bloody, and quite grotesque Vampires who are not tender lovers. If you're expecting a vampire love story with vampires as heroic, romantic figures, you've come to the wrong place. They'd rather eat you than love you. It's a pretty brutal series. (The original novel it was based off of is even more disturbing. It's got some erotic and bondage elements, but the Vampire Guardian Angels do some pretty brutal things.)

What are Vampire Guardian Angels?
Vampire Guardian Angels are Guardian Angels who were bitten by Vampires. They are a cross-breed, a hybrid. They are a Vampire that is very unique, something no one has ever seen before, and one that was a serial killer as well.

Would that make them a new breed of Vampire?
Yes, an entirely new breed, almost invincible and indestructible, but stronger, more vicious, merciless, brutal and terrifying. Horrifically evil and merciless. They are new vampires that are also holy entities: a cross breed/hybrid between Guardian Angel and Vampire.

Are they both male and female?
They are only male Vampire Guardian Angels.

Are there Female Vampires in the stories?
Yes there are, but they are only "Earth" Vampires. They can either be humans turned into vampires, royalty, or ancient vampires.

Who are the Main Characters?
See this character list.

How do they kill people?
They are Serial Killers. They can only target people who pray specifically to their Guardian Angel. They can’t just kill anyone whenever they want. They have to be “summoned”.  Guardian Angels  also have to become Vampires in order to harm or kill people. If they were just regular Guardian Angels, they have to use mind control to make people hurt themselves.

What happens if I pray for help to a Guardian Angel?
You attract a Guardian Angel who has turned into a Vampire. Human prayers of despair act as a “beacon” to help Vampire Guardian Angels find their victims.

What kind of prayers attract them?
The prayers to them MUST be desperate, whining and begging for help.

What if I pray but it’s not a prayer of despair?
They cannot target positive prayers or prayers of thanks.

How do I avoid one?
Don’t pray, whine or beg your Guardian Angel to save you.

In the comics, they are seen consuming body parts.
Yes, they drink blood, and they can consume human flesh. Vampire Guardian Angels have a more zombie-like appetite. They are not limited to blood. They can live off bodily fluids.

How do you kill one?
They are almost invincible. To kill a Vampire Guardian Angel, only another Guardian Angel who has turned back to good from evil can kill one of their own. They can only be killed with the sword or weapon of a good Guardian Angel. But the characters are not always good, and not always evil. They can become either at any point in the stories. You never know who will turn good or bad or back to good. Only an angel who stays good, or who has turned back to good, can kill an evil one. But they may not always do that. It's tricky because of the temptation towards power and freedom from having to protect and watch over humans, and finally having their own free will, and getting to do whatever they want. Even the "good" ones may be evil. They could go either way---good or evil---and you'd have to convince one to kill the other. The series keeps you guessing. You have to figure out which one ends up being the good one. And just when you think the good one prevails, evil may just keep coming back. Or the good one turns evil. Or  the evil one relents. Who knows?

Can I use holy water or other methods that are traditionally used to kill Vampires?
No. Vampire Guardian Angels cannot be killed by sunlight, holy water, crucifixes, or stakes through the heart. (they are Angels, so nothing “holy” can kill them). They can be repelled with a little holy water--it stings their faces--it will only give you time to run away though. But you have to run fast before they find you.

Do they heal?
If injured, they can be kept alive by certain religious reliquaries and relics. The blood of their original “Creator” (which is revealed in the stories) can fully heal and regenerate any injured, dying, or burned Vampire Guardian Angel without the need for relics or reliquaries. They can also be healed with the blood of ancient saints--which is why they seek out holy relics and reliquaries kept by the Catholic Churches. They are also healed by the "Incorruptible bodies" of preserved saints, who are actually ancient Vampires in disguise who were concealed by the Church.

Where do they hide here on Earth?
They hide in Churches and Cemeteries where there are life-sized angel statues. You need to look closely to see the fangs, or if the statue is breathing. They also like ancient castles, cathedrals and even dark secluded warehouses. Or they live anywhere and everywhere, you never know when they show up unless you pray in despair to one.

What happens to them when they die?
When they die, they turn into balls of light that ascend back to Heaven.

Can they resurrect?
They can resurrect in Heaven, or with the aid of reliquaries, or the blood of their "Creator".

In the comic books, what is a portal?
These balls of light leave a trail of light called a “portal”. The portal is needed for ascension and descent between Heaven and Earth.

Why do Vampire Guardian Angels need a portal?
Since they are still Angels, can’t they just ascend to Heaven? There is an astral plane that divides Earth and Heaven and separates good and evil. The astral plane will not let evil pass into Heaven. But anything good or evil can travel through a portal of light.

What happens if they do not use the portal?
If Vampire Guardian Angels do not use this portal, they will burn to death.

Can anything stop Vampire Guardian Angels from ascending?
All Vampire Angels have mind control and hypnosis abilities. The strongest ones can block the ascension of Angels.

Do Vampire Guardian Angels have to die to use the portal?
No. A living Vampire Guardian Angel can use the portal of a dead angel to travel between Heaven and Earth. The more Vampire Guardian Angels are killed, the more portals are created.

What happens to Angels who die and don’t ascend?
Angels who die only have a few minutes to ascend, and if stopped, they disintegrate and die on Earth.

What happens to humans who are victims of Vampire Guardian Angels?
Vampire Guardian Angels can kill humans for food, or they can make humans into vampires. They can also order Earth Vampires to turn humans into vampires. If a human dies and goes up to Heaven,  the male souls are either resurrected as Vampire Guardian Angels, or "recycled" as food, and  the weak and old are also used as food. The females are bred or used as food.

Can Vampire Guardian Angels use ascending human souls to get back to heaven?
No, humans can’t create a portal, and their “light” is not "holy/celestial" or strong enough. Otherwise, Vampire Guardian Angels would be killing humans to get back Heaven.

Will there be a Vampire Guardian Angel Apocalypse?
If they take over Earth and humans, there very well will be.

Were there Vampire Guardian Angels in the Bible?
In the stories, Vampire Guardian Angels existed in the Bible, their existence hidden by the Church who called them “Angels”. The Inquisition fed “sinners” to these “Angels” to get rid of the “heretics”.

What is the hierarchy of Vampire Guardian Angels?
Vampire Guardian Angels can only be led by a leader of royal blood or ancestry. (But they can take any human or Vampire female as their “Queen) who does not have to have royal blood and create a royal heir. If there is no royal offspring, they can choose someone who is not related to them, but he has to be of royal blood as well. The leader has a right-hand soldier, and an army of Vampire Guardian Angels. All Angels are either trained fighters or have special powers such as telepathy, mind control etc. But only royal offspring can lead them, or someone who proves they are more powerful than a current leader.

Are they afraid of anything?
There is one Angel called “The Killer of Angels” who has the “Power of Light”. This power can burn an Angel on the spot and send them back to Heaven. All Angels fear him.

What do they want?
Vampire Guardian Angels want to take over Earth because they are tired of serving humans and they instead want to enslave humans. In the stories, humans are also bred for food. Vampire Guardian Angels also want to enslave Earth Vampires and make them work for them, in return for providing humans to them as food.

Can they eat other Vampires?
Vampire Guardian Angels can eat “Earth Vampires”.

Can Earth Vampires kill them?
Earth Vampires are not strong enough. Vampire Guardian Angels are almost invincible and can only be killed by one of their own, or by a sword with the blood of a good angel. But the bearer must also be “good”.

In the stories, what is the "Plague"?
It is a deadly virus that kills both Earth Vampires and Vampire Guardian Angels. If they drink the blood of an infected human or vampire, they dissolve completely into a pool of blood, and ascend as a ball of light, creating a portal. The plague was unleashed on Earth for this purpose by those who wanted power and to take over the current leadership.

Can Vampire Guardian Angels breed?
Vampire Guardian Angels can breed with human women and female Earth Vampires. The male offspring are used in two ways: to be raised and trained as soldiers or designated as food, and the females are also used for food or as future breeders to increase their numbers since there are no female Vampire Guardian Angels. Any royal offspring from any Vampire Guardian Angels are automatically heirs. Vampire Guardian Angels cannibalize their own-- both male, female and even any Vampire offspring right out of the womb, sorted and thrown to be fed to both Vampire Guardian Angels and Vampires not affected by the plague.

Do all Vampire Guardian Angels have weapons?
It’s quite common for angels to carry swords, but they love a variety of exotic weapons (such as the Haladie dagger). The main reason behind this was not just for protecting themselves, but because they wanted to deviate from the traditional biting of the neck, only because they found biting necks too much work (too much struggling), so using a sharp weapon to just slice off a body part or cut open an artery and wait for the victim to become weak and bleed makes it more convenient to feed off of is their preference.

Why did Guardian Angels turn bad?
Before they were bitten by Vampires, Guardian Angels were already angry, disillusioned Serial Killers who answered desperate people’s prayers by killing them instead of helping them. They were sick and tired of human begging and whining and hated their “jobs” of protecting humans.

Why did Guardian Angels originally become Serial Killers?
They kill the humans they are supposed to protect because they want to stop the prayers and shut people up for good so they wouldn’t have to answer prayers anymore. They want to put them out of their misery so they don't have to hear the human whining and begging. But they couldn't just kill any human. It had to be a very specific victim. They are still guardian angels, so they have to respond to prayers. It's in their nature, what they were created for. It's like their "beacon", and it drives them crazy.  They cannot touch or target a human unless they prayed specifically to a guardian angel, and that human must be a "believer". And it has to be a very desperate prayer because that's what they listen for. They have to be summoned. But they won't target you if it's say, a joyful or thankful prayer. Now that they have become Vampires, the prayers are now also their call to dinner.  To these Serial Killer Guardian Angels, humans are just mindless, cult-like, religion-obsessed fanatics who rely on a higher power to save them and who constantly nag supernatural entities for help. So it's a bonus if, as vampires, they get to feed off the "whiners" too.

Why didn’t Guardian Angels fight back against the Vampires that bit them?
Vampire Guardian Angels think that becoming a Vampire was the best thing that ever happened to them. They willingly become Vampires because they become more powerful and this power frees them from being obligated to protect and help humans. As Vampire Guardian Angels, they can shut people up for good, and eat them as well.

Is there a difference between the original Vampire trilogy novel and the comic books?
In the original novel, Guardian Angels can make the choice of whether they want to become Vampires or not. They can choose not too. (In Comic Book 3, the character Zeke is a Vampire, while in the original novel, he is not).

Are all the Comic Books based on the Trilogy novel?
The first 3 comic books were based on Lia Scott Price's original Vampire trilogy novel. The sequels to the stories (comic books 4, 5, 6 etc.) are continued in comic book format. (Warning, this novel contains erotic and bondage material, over 18 only. But the comic books series does not contain any of erotic material.)

What inspired the Comic Book Series?
The author is an atheist and “Recovering Catholic”. It was written to bring back a more vicious, disturbing, bloody and brutal vampire. It also questions “what if” Guardian Angels were Vampires. The series questions why we always rely on a higher power to save us, and why we never question who or what it is we pray to, and what if it was another evil, supernatural being.

Do the comic books in the series have titles?
Yes, just like "episode" titles.
The comic books can be found here

What makes this Comic Book Series so terrifying?
You never imagined your Guardian Angel could become a killer. When you think you're calling for help to something that will help you, like your own Guardian Angel, you may just be calling for something that hates you--and will make a meal out of you. It's a terrifying concept. It may turn people off, but then it makes them think... "who am I really asking for help from?" But that's what a vampire is supposed to be: disturbing, nightmarish, and scary, maybe even the definition of a truly evil Vampire, something that comes in the form of something holy but does something so horrific.

So remember: Don't Pray to your Guardian Angel. You never know who, or what, answers.

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