Thursday, June 5, 2014

Video: Comic Book Series Issue 1 "The Guardian" Plot Synopsis

About The Comic Book Series: Lia Scott Price's Vampire Guardian Angels is a creator-owned comic book series written and created by Horror Author Lia Scott Price. It is drawn by Artist Andrew Setter, with Colorist/Letterer Chad Hammontree. In the series, Guardian Angels from Heaven have become Vampires who kill people who pray for help to them, and both humans and “good” angels have to work to stop them.

 Plot Synopsis: The first issue in the series "The Guardian" introduces the transformation of Guardian Angels into Vampires. An angry Gabriel, sick of answering prayers and protecting humans, targets and kills them. His killing spree is stopped by another Guardian Angel, Cameron, and a young boy, Joseph, who has a mysterious power that kills Gabriel. Gabriel ascends and resurrects back in Heaven, but a Vampire hitchhikes, bites him, invades Heaven, and turns all Guardian Angels into sadistic, invincible Vampires. The vampiric infection spreads and, realizing their newfound power and freedom, the Vampire Guardian AngelsTM are hell bent on seeking revenge against mankind. For more info on the series, visit

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