Thursday, June 26, 2014

Have you heard of Vampire Guardian Angels?

One of the most metal of vampires and angels: this serial killer Vampire Guardian Angel hybrid will hunt you down through your whiny prayers, slice you up, brutally tear you apart and feast on your bloody dripping carcass. Hell no they don’t sparkle, but they do “shred” (bodies). \m/

Gabriel, Camael, Gregory, Janos. They are very angry Guardian Angels who are sick of listening to human whining (as in desperate prayers), and of helping and saving humans. So one day, a Vampire invades Heaven….and turns them all into….Vampires. And they are very nasty…and hungry.

They’ve become "Vampire Guardian AngelsTM", a new breed of psychotic Angel and Vampire, almost invincible, very dangerous. And they are loving it. They can now shut humans up…and eat them as well. If you're into scary Vampires, prepare to meet a unique, nightmarish breed and hybrid of Vampire and Angel. Horror Author Lia Scott Price turns your Guardian Angel into a vicious, brutal, and bloody Vampire. And not just any Vampire. They are also Serial Killers. But they’re kind of limited though in who they can target. You have to pray in despair to a Guardian Angel. And because they’re still Angels and HAVE to respond prayers, these Vampires use prayers as a “beacon”, meaning they can only target and feed off people call to them. That’s how they find you. So if you don’t summon one, you’re safe…for now.

Do you really know who you’re praying to? Meet them in the “Vampire Guardian AngelsTM” Comic Book Series. The series is created and written by Lia Scott Price, drawn by Andrew Setter, and colored by Chad Hammontree.

Sound bizarre? Disturbing? Well, Vampires and Serial Killers always are. Dare to meet them?

You can find the link to the comic book series at

Links to Buy Comic Book Series here

And here’s a handy Guide to Vampire Guardian Angels. You may need it someday.

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