Saturday, June 21, 2014

Vampire Guardian Angels are the New Breed of Vampire in Comic Book Series

 Vampire Guardian AngelsTM are the New Breed of Vampire in Comic Book Series

Have you heard of Vampire Guardian AngelsTM? If you're into scary Vampires,  prepare to meet a unique, nightmarish breed and hybrid of Vampire and Angel. 

Horror Author Lia Scott Price’s “Vampire Guardian AngelsTM” Comic Book Series features her macabre and unique Vampire creation: Guardian Angels from Heaven who have become Vampires. The comic book series is a must for classic Vampire aficionados who like their Vampires scary and deadly.

Of all the things that have been done with Angels and Vampires, here's a comic book that combine them both--literally. Your Guardian Angel is now a vicious, brutal, and bloody Vampire. And not just any Vampire. Price gives them a bizarre twist. They are also Serial Killers. 

In the stories, Vampire Guardian Angels can only target and feed off people who pray in despair to Angels. Because they hate human whining, but they’re bloodthirsty too. Dare to summon one?

“It’s a what-if with Guardian Angels. Do you really know who you’re praying to?” says Price. “It’s a refreshing twist on the Vampire genre."

Vampire Guardian Angels is an independent comic book series created and published by Lia Scott Price Productions. The series is written by Lia Scott Price, drawn by Andrew Setter, and colored by Chad Hammontree.

What makes these Vampires different? You can find the link to the comic book series at

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