Saturday, February 28, 2015

Lia Scott Price: Comic Book Author and Creator

Lia Scott Price is a Los Angeles horror author and comic book creator/writer. She is the creator of Vampire Guardian Angels™, characters from her Vampire Guardian Angels™ comic book series and vampire novel.

Price has turned an everyday guardian angel into a vampire. Vampire Guardian Angels™ are a unique, original and new breed of vampire, a cross between a deadly guardian angel and a scary and horrific vampire.  Her characters target their victims through their prayers of despair (and they only target victims who call specifically for a guardian angel).

Price self-publishes her underground, non-mainstream comic books through her company, Lia Scott Price Productions. She is known for giving a fresh new twist and an original story to the vampire genre by creating a hybrid of serial killer guardian angel and the classic, traditional vicious, brutal vampire.

Price's vampire comic book series caters to vampire purists and her goal is to bring back the more bloodthirsty, violent, and gory vampire in an original comic book series in a black, white and red film-noir style. The comic book series is created and written by Lia Scott Price.

Price is also a film producer, director and cinematographer and her production company produces promotional films based on her vampire novel and characters. Her web site is

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