Sunday, February 15, 2015

My Mind: Seeing Things a Different Way

I could sit in a hospital waiting room and make up all sorts of stories about what I see. That’s the way my mind works. I could be sitting in traffic and suddenly it becomes a movie set, with cars turning into whatever I want them to turn in to. I also get my ideas from daydreams and dreams. I always turn something ordinary into something else. I could be staring at a one and it becomes something else with its own storyline, personality etc. And that’s pretty much the way I write my stories.  But it does become kind of hard if I’m washing the dishes and my mind starts racing with ideas and I have to stop what I’m doing and dry my hands and write it down. (But no, I never write when I’m driving or when I’m doing something that requires concentration.) I love playing this “what -if” game and seeing what I can turn things into—turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.  Try it sometime. When you see a person, what can you turn them into? What is their “secret life” or alternate life? If you’re sitting in a classroom or an office? What alternate universe can you turn it into? (I’ve turned many a corporate office I’ve previously worked at into a giant spacecraft filled with aliens with different quirks, for instance. Somehow it made work more tolerable). For me, it makes life a little more creative to see things in a different way and who know what else I can create from that.

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