Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Main Characters of the Vampire Guardian Angels Comic Book Series

Ms. Price (The "Author" and "Creator"): She's a medieval history researcher who discovers the inquisition his vampires and that there were "Vampire Guardian Angels in the Bible". She accidentally "awakens" them supernaturally because of her obsessive belief in trying to let the world know about their existence. Jeromos discovered that, as the "creator", her blood has healing powers. He turns her into a vampire. She has royal blood, and she's the secret antidote to healing his army and those who follow him. So he gets one step closer to ruling.

Cameron: A Guardian Angel disguised as an L.A. police detective sent to stop Gabriel, but who also becomes a Vampire Guardian Angel. Relax, he's one of the good guys...for now. He spends a hell of a lot of his time trying to fight the bad guys, and is especially obsessed with stopping Gabriel. Cameron is known as the "The Killer of Angels." In the Vampire Guardian Angel world, only good angels can kill bad ones. But right now, there's only one of him, and he has his hands full.

Detective Costa: A chain-smoking, grumpy but smart and dedicated detective who helps Cameron track down the bad guys. He's impulsive, and oftentimes unsure of what to do when faced with supernatural creatures, but then again you would be too if you had to fight an army of Vampire Guardian Angels.

Gabriel: a psychopathic Serial Killing Vampire Guardian Angel who hunts down people through their prayers of despair. He is the most feared, pst dangerous and mentally unstable of all the Vampire Guardian Angels, primarily because prayers drive him insane and all he wants to do is shut everyone up. He kills methodically and without mercy. He appears helpful and charming at first, before he slices you up and drains you of your blood.

Janos: Current King and leader of the Vampire  Guardian Angels. He’s of royal blood, but he’s  seen as a weak, indecisive, manic-depressive, insecure leader who everyone wants to overthrow. He takes pleasure and solace in hacking people to pieces and drinking blood from their decapitated heads. But because of his ruthlessness, (he’s merciless to his enemies, which earns him precious points), he is able to hang on to power….barely.  He’d rather sink in deep depression than rule, but he’s always  been told this is his destiny, so he reluctantly accepts the leadership.

Prince Jeromos: Also of royal blood like Janos, and Janos's Second-in-Command and his chosen successor. But he’s a backstabber and a not-so-loyal heir. He’s impatient for the throne, so he raises an army and breaks away from Janos. He’s also power-hungry and ruthless. He’s quite the talented alchemist though, coming up with rather bloody healing potions. In the Vampire Guardian Angel world, he’s known as “The Healer”. But he also wants to be known as “King”.

Joseph: Cameron’s stepson.  A hot-tempered, jealous, misguided, vengeful and power-hungry Vampire Guardian Angel who has  the “power of light” capable of burning angels, but those powers only work if he’s one of the good guys. Right now he’s leaning more towards becoming a bad guy because, well, he wants to rule both Heaven and Earth, even if it means becoming evil. Oh yeah, he’s also known as “The Angel Killer”, a title his stepfather also shares, but he’s not too happy about that.

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